2001 Volvo XC70 For Sale

Discussion in 'Volvo Parts For Sale / Trade' started by kristenanchors, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. kristenanchors


    Jul 28, 2021
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    2001 XC70 Volvo
    129k miles
    AWD, AC blows cold, car play radio/GPS, electric seats with seat heaters, new sunroof seal, new LED headlights, regular maintenance always done on time.

    Well taken care of car, owned by my personally for the last 3 years. The seats have some wear but nothing crazy. Warning light about a headlight bulb being out is on but it is only because of the LEDs installed and the car not recognizing them. The check engine light is on as well but it's because the main computer system needs an update and I haven't wanted to take it to Volvo to fix it. I've had tests ran on it multiple times to be sure it isn't anything else with the car and it isn't. Engine and lights work perfect! There is a small dent on the passenger side door.

    Asking $5000 OBO in Elkton, FL Egg1.jpg
    kristenanchors, Jul 28, 2021
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