2006 v70 airbag problem

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by ksampson3, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. ksampson3

    ksampson3 Guest

    i just bought a new 2006 v70 a few days ago and i am having problems
    already. when i test drove the car at the dealer before i bought it,
    there was a warning on the dash that said "passenger side airbag off.
    urgent service needed." (or something close to that message). the
    dealer "fixed" it before i bought the car and when it was delivered,
    this message was gone.
    i said to the salesman who delivered the car "ok, you have my money
    now. what do i need to know about the car that you haven't told me?" he
    responded that he was pretty sure that i wouldn't get the message back
    again, but "volvo is going to recall that (passenger) seat in about 5
    or 6 months." !!!!!!! don't you think that i should have been told
    this before i bought the car?

    well, guess what? after driving it for about 10 miles a couple of days
    later, the message came back on.
    has anyone else had this problem? i am pissed.

    ksampson3, Jan 16, 2006
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  2. ksampson3

    Jabber Guest

    Um.... so take it back and either get them to fix it properly or get
    your money back. If they know about the recall they should have told
    you before purchasing. And again, if they knew about the recall they
    must have a temporary fix until seat replacement. If not there will be
    loads of V70 owners complaining.

    Jordan 1999 S70 Loaded!
    Jabber, Jan 16, 2006
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  3. Most states have a lemon law and if the same problem is fixed three
    times you can get your money back or something to that effect.
    Stephen Henning, Jan 16, 2006
  4. ksampson3

    mypublicmail Guest

    Thanks for the warning. I bought an 06 v70 2.5T just a few days ago.
    So far, all is normal re air bag warnings. But does this recall
    business mean the passenger side *might* not work? I'm thinking about
    going back for something else. I feel a tad too much engine vibration
    at idle for this expensive of a car. When I pointed it out to the
    salesman (we're both sitting in the car idling), he said it was cold.
    When I showed him that the temp gauge was straight up, he said, "Oh,
    you can't go by that." Then he said, the engine was new so a little
    vibration was normal. I don't know ....

    Good luck to both of us,
    mypublicmail, Jan 16, 2006
  5. ksampson3

    Steve Guest

    Bring it back and ONLY complain about the airbag light. The idea is to
    establish a lemon law trail.
    When you bring it in for the airbag light make that your only issue.
    Three tries and you can lemon law the car in many states.
    Steve, Jan 16, 2006
  6. ksampson3

    ksampson3 Guest

    thanks for the replies. i checked the lemon law in maryland and it's
    actually 4 tries to get it right. believe me, i've started a paper
    trail already.

    thanks again,
    ksampson3, Jan 17, 2006
  7. ksampson3

    PS Guest

    The salesman's comment makes no sense to me. Why would Volvo delay and or
    "telegraph" a recall if the decision has been made to make a recll--or not
    as the case may be? Seems like there would be some serious liability issues
    there, especially with a safety device such as an airbag. What does the
    dealer service rep say about a recall. Might want to ask him that question
    with the salesman standing there...

    Check out the online Volvo forums, like http://forums.swedespeed.com/
    http://www.volvoxc.com/forums/ www.vvspy.com and others. If there is a
    problem significant enough to warrant a recall, it is likely that it will
    have made it to these forums. There are also a few Volvo salesman that post
    regularly on Swedespeed. They seem to be well informed and are straight
    talkers, get a second opinion from another party.

    There is a code (DTC) that goes with the warning message that should
    identify the locationof the fault, look at your paperwork and if it's not
    there ask them for it. What was it?

    Good luck,
    'nother V70 owner
    PS, Jan 18, 2006
  8. ksampson3

    ksampson3 Guest

    well, i picked the car back up today and it turns out that they didn't
    replace the passenger seat weight sensor because it was on back order
    (service manager's words, not mine). instead, he said that he had to
    contact the volvo tech line (volvo n.a., i assume) and get a tech
    assist from them. the following is verbatim from the paperwork that was
    given to me when i picked the car up:

    "passenger air bag lamp is on. fault trace for code 025D set in srs for
    occupant weight sensor. r&r front seat to inspect connections for ows.
    check ok clear code. code resets after 5 restarts. call tech line. tech
    line recommends to replace buckle force sensor. replace buckle force
    sensor per volvo tech line."

    sounds to me like a possible temporary fix because they didn't have the
    correct part in stock. i don't get a real warm fuzzy about this whole

    ksampson3, Jan 19, 2006
  9. ksampson3

    Glenn Klein Guest

    Done this before solves the problem the OW sensor is not subject to
    failure as for contacting the tech hot line this means that the part is
    either on backorder or a restricted part either way Volvo cars is
    involved with your complaint on your new car

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    nor should any American.
    Glenn Klein, Jan 20, 2006
  10. ksampson3

    Steve Guest

    Keep the documentation


    Steve, Jan 20, 2006
  11. ksampson3

    ksampson3 Guest

    what does it mean when you say that "volvo cars is involved with your
    complaint"? can i use this to my advantage in some way? if i do need to
    do the lemon law thing, is it better to have "volvo cars" involved from
    the get-go?

    thanks again,
    ksampson3, Jan 20, 2006
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