2008 Volvo C30

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    2008 Volvo C30
    The news from www.takeauto.com
    Volvo is launching a new luxury compact car for 2008 called the C30.
    Already on sale in Europe, the four-seat hatchback will be coming
    across the Atlantic this summer loaded with safety features. It
    promises sporty handling and performance with upscale appointments and
    The 2008 Volvo C30 should appeal to at least two groups of people:
    Those who are young and successful, who like the practicality of a
    hatchback that seats four, but who can afford something a little more
    upscale; and those with fond memories of the old P1800 ES sport

    The C30 also will appeal to people who buy Volvos for their emphasis
    on protecting the people inside. The C30 will come with electronic
    stability control, anti-whiplash head rests, side-impact and side-
    curtain airbags, and other safety features engineered by the world-
    renowned expert.

    The Volvo C30 shares underpinnings with the S40 sedan and S50 wagon,
    which share underpinnings with the acclaimed European Ford Focus, an
    athletic compact that shares only its name with the American Focus.
    See the auto picture to www.takeauto.com
    takeauto, Jul 23, 2007
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