2018 xc60 water in subframe and bat comp

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Thomasrcallaway, Feb 15, 2022.

  1. Thomasrcallaway


    Feb 15, 2022
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    Above car with 34500 miles. Electronics went awry, condition alerts, warnings displayed, etc. Alerted Volvo roadside assistance. Taken to Volvo dealer, Hunter in Hendersonville, NC by roll back. Dealer reports that an inch of water in subframe the length of car and two inches water in battery compartment and fuse comp. Searching for cause they report that it is not warrantied anyway, but that all drains are clear… AC, doors, Sunroof. Sunroof only used twice anyway.
    Report today no clue as to where water coming from. Report they have rained water over the car with hoses and cannot recreate that water, it has now evaporated.
    Dealer reports that they are going to have tear out all carpet and seats to search for source of water and test wires and harnesses that go down the length of the car . Dealer warned that with 1300 dollars if labor into search that car may be totaled. Any clues?
    Thomasrcallaway, Feb 15, 2022
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