240 260 Wagon Car Cover for sale cheap

Discussion in 'Volvo 260' started by wvpinballguy, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. wvpinballguy

    wvpinballguy Guest

    This cover was never used, except maybe to test fit about 15 years
    ago, then placed back into the original box. It's made with Evolution
    3, and was farly expensive. It's in good shape, but the 265 is long
    gone. I don't know exactly what years it fits, but the 265 was early
    1980s, and we ordered it for that car. I'd like $30 shipped via FedEx
    ground to the lower 48 states. I could ship elsewhere, and provide
    pictures and references like 100% postive ebay feedback.
    I just glanced at this newsgroup before posting. It looks like it's
    OK to post for sale items. Please email wvpinballguy AT aol DOT com if
    interested. Thanks.
    wvpinballguy, Jul 2, 2007
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