760 2.3 turbo engine cuts out whilst reducing speed, changing gears

Discussion in 'Volvo 760' started by Mark, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Hi, help required in diagnosing the following problem.

    Vehicle particulars, Volvo 760, 2.3 turbo petrol, 1988.
    with the engine warm or cold, when changing gear down to slow down, with
    clutch depressed - the engine either drops revs to 500 rpm momentarily or
    engine cuts out completely.
    Unsure as to reason, all help appreciated.
    New owner / novice mechanic (very novice, got Haynes manual, but

    Thanks in advance

    Mark, Aug 7, 2003
  2. From a point at sea, to the circles of your mind, this is Mark:
    Also worth mentioning, that as you appear to be UK based, you probably
    have the Motronic fuel injection system. Unfortunately this is a
    system I know very little about; someone around here may know more.
    Change the airfilter and spark plugs are a couple of obvious starting
    places. Also check for induction leaks downstream of the air-flow

    I'm also guessing that you've got the newer version of the Haynes
    manual (blue cover), and I too am dumbfounded by it. If you can turn
    up the older edition for this model (black cover - I got mine from
    eBay), which still covers your model year, it is a much more
    informative book. Why they had to change it is a mystery to me. In the
    new edition, Motronic gets a single page, compared to 7 pages in the
    old edition, including some good schematic diagrams of how it works in
    conjunction with the turbo.

    The intermittant temperature gauge (and fuel gauge) is very common on
    the 700 series. My answer is to give the dash a whack to wake them up.


    Stewart Hargrave

    A lot faster than public transport

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    Stewart Hargrave, Aug 7, 2003
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