760 water temp sender

Discussion in 'Volvo 760' started by Gary W, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. Gary W

    Gary W Guest

    i'v got 2 sensors on my water pump, one sticking strate out the front, the
    other comeing out the left side (if you are faceing the car)

    85 760 v6
    Gary W, Aug 31, 2003
  2. Gary W

    R G Green Guest

    Hi all,
    Silly question of the day! On a 760GLE V6, B280E engine, where would I find
    the sensor for the Engine temperature guage? The obvious one in the
    thermostat housing is for something else? and for the life of me I cannot
    find another! [Mr Haynes's manual shows the Turbo but nor the V6].
    The gauge only reads at certain temperatures so I presume it's the sender
    but it would be nice to test it to prove things.
    Of course you now notice the slight leak from that thick short hose at the
    back of the pump assembly, bet that will be fun to tighten/replace.
    All comments, rude or otherwise welcommed!!
    Regards, Bob Green, UK.
    R G Green, Aug 31, 2003
  3. Gary W

    brian Guest

    Hi, just sold my 760 after having the temp sender replaced,
    it is located at the very back of the engine / gearbox just under
    the bulkhead.

    brian, Aug 31, 2003
  4. Gary W

    R G Green Guest

    it is located at the very back of the engine / gearbox just under the

    Well no wonder I didn't find it! [still thinking Ford].
    I have only one other sensor, it's on the right hand side of the thermostat
    housing [what does it do?], left hand option is blanked off [looking into
    bonnet] mine might be different on the newer engine. What was the problem
    with your sensor? mine only seems to work the gauge at certain temperatures.
    Could I ask what they cost please?
    Thanks for the replies folks, i'll go and look in the daylight tomorrow.
    Regards, Bob Green.
    R G Green, Aug 31, 2003
  5. Gary W

    R G Green Guest

    Well I seem to have found it at the rear of the passenger side head,
    question now is how do I get leads on to check it etc, looks almost as well
    positioned as the oil filter! Then you notice the oil weep from the cover
    plates at the back of the cam boxes! Wish I hadn't started this!!!
    Many thanks all.
    Regards, Bob Green.
    R G Green, Sep 2, 2003
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