81 Volvo 240-DL starting issue

Discussion in 'Volvo 240' started by Grouchy, Apr 5, 2023.

  1. Grouchy


    Apr 5, 2023
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    I recently purchased a 81 Volvo 240 that has been having some weird starting issues. The issue im having is that the car starts up completely fine somedays, and others not so much. I've tested when the engine was completely cold and it starts up fine sometimes and others its rough. Weather doesn't seem to play a factor as to how the car starts up. I've checked for any vacuum leaks using carb cleaner and there doesn't seem to be any leaks as far as I can tell. This is the first car I have ever really tried to work on myself so please bear with me. I attached two videos showing some rough starts and one where it started fine. Any advice one what to check next would be very appreciated.

    rough start

    non rough start

    things that have been replaced
    spark plugs
    spark wires
    cap and rotor
    couple of hoses that were cracked
    Grouchy, Apr 5, 2023
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