85 245 starter motor removal

Discussion in 'Volvo 240' started by Eunoia Eigensinn, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. It's starting to snow out so it gave me an excuse to come in for

    I'm one bolt away from removing the starter so that I can replace it
    and that one bolt (the one on the passenger side that's in a spot
    about the size of a pygmy gnat's crotch .

    You know, the one where there isn't enough room to get the head of a
    ratchet in let alone any fingers ?

    My last attempt before coming in involved an 1/2"-to-3/8" socket
    reduction adapter onto a flex-head 3/8" ratchet with a 4" extension,
    and then twisting and turning the whole schmozzle into the little
    space but then couldn't get in there with my fingers to align the
    socket with the head of the bolt. Dang!

    I had a look in the archives to see how others have solved the problem
    and there was one fellow who posted a message saying that he used a
    122" (that's one-hundred and twenty-two inch) extension on the

    122 inches ? That can't be right can it ?

    In any case, I was wondering if anyone else had any tricks or tips to
    offer before I head out to town to see if I can get a 122" extension ?

    Thanks in advance.

    (A guy with short arms and eyes that wouldn't be able to see what's at
    the other end of a 122" extension.)
    Eunoia Eigensinn, Feb 1, 2007
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  2. Eunoia Eigensinn

    M-gineering Guest

    two 12" extensions with a u joint?
    M-gineering, Feb 1, 2007
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  3. Eunoia Eigensinn

    c.fiedler Guest

    Well, 122 inches would be about TEN FEET away from the job at hand. I
    suspect someone fat fingered the comment.

    Marten was right. I have done this same job with two 12 inch
    extensions and a U-joint at the business end (behind the socket, of
    course). <G>

    Chuck Fiedler
    Nothing but Volvo since 1974
    c.fiedler, Feb 2, 2007
  4. Thanks lads.

    But the 122" extension guy and you two have given me an idea.

    If I get enough extensions and U-joints, I should be able to snake the
    extensions all the way indoors where I can work on the car that's
    outside, while perched inside, nice and warm out of the wind and snow.
    Right ?

    BTW Chuck, you've got me beat. My first Volvo was a '79 245..

    I had to send Olaf to VolvoValhalla at ~480k km.
    Eunoia Eigensinn, Feb 2, 2007
  5. Eunoia Eigensinn

    c.fiedler Guest

    Well my *first* Volvo was a 1972 145 after which I got two '60 544s, a
    164, a bunch of 140s and 240s, several of which I gave to our kids
    and, finally my '97 850.

    Have always had good service from all of them but continue to be
    amazed at how much the dealer gets for genuwine Volvo parts.

    Chuck Fiedler
    Nothing but Volvo since 1974
    c.fiedler, Feb 2, 2007
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