'86 240 DL Wagon tailgate leaking

Discussion in 'Volvo 240' started by James Sweet, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    I haven't heard of chronic leakage, we've got a couple wagons in the family
    and neither of them leak. You may have rust around the window under the
    rubber though, I hear water can sit in there. If you have a window installed
    for a '93 it sits flush and fixes that.
    James Sweet, Jan 26, 2004
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  2. James Sweet

    sharky Guest

    I've been told that tailgate leaks on this vintage car and model are not
    just common but chronic. I discovered this leak when the gate's interior
    finish panel rotted out around the bottom. Volvo does not make
    replacement panel's for this car anymore and I could not find one
    locally in Seattle that wasn't water damaged. I also couldn't find one
    online without water damage, including two Volvo specific sites in
    Arizona where one would imagine water damage wouldn't be an issue. I'm
    thinking design flaw. Anyway, I bought one locally with water damage
    that will have to suffice but I'm concerned about further water leakage
    into the interior of the tailgate destroying this one, too. The window
    seal leaked for sure and I had it removed and reseated. Continued
    leakage turned out to be in from the aging seals for the license plate
    lights, the latch handle and the key lock cylinder. I will replace these
    soon and this should stop all or most of the inflow...for now. The
    problem is when, unbeknownst to me, leaks form again (Actually, there is
    no seal provision where the handle's thumb latch passes through the
    gate's exterior wall, but this is under the cover of the top of the
    handle...not reliable leak prevention). While the drain holes at the
    bottom inside of the gate are situated to take care of any water that
    does get into the door's interior, the design flaw seems to be that they
    are situated too high to prevent a small well forming above the pinch
    welds at bottom of the tailgate which, for a car parked on an incline
    like mine must be, even unobstructed drain holes will not vacate. The
    water sits in the well until the gate is opened when most of it quickly
    flows past the drain holes down onto the fiberboard of the finish panel.
    Factory sealing at the pinch weld is a thin coating of stuff that has an
    orangish color. Covering this orange coating seems to be the remainder
    of a black caulking that has eroded badly from most of the seam. I'm
    thinking of cleaning the area at the pinch weld off and building up an
    counter-inclined floor of caulking whose bottom terminates slightly
    above the bottom of the drain holes thus forcing water drainage even for
    a car parked on an incline. Any problems with this solution that I have
    not anticipated? Any recommendations for the correct caulking? Any other
    ideas of how to cure this model's chronic tailgate leakage?
    sharky, Jan 27, 2004
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