98 S70 Turn Signal Relay

Discussion in 'Volvo S70' started by Guest, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi Everyone;

    My turn signals will no longer flash (they come on and stay solid, but no
    tickie tocky). I assume this is the turn signal relay or is it some other
    component that does this? Where is the relay in the car? I can hear it in
    the dash but really wouldn't know where to look for it. I assume I can
    order one from the local Volvo parts department.

    Thanks In Advance;
    Guest, Nov 15, 2007
  2. Guest

    Glenn Klein Guest

    Do both turn signals not flash or just one side if both the flasher
    relay is built in to the hazard switch
    G Klein
    Glenn Klein, Nov 16, 2007
  3. Guest

    sh2004 Guest

    Both sides of the turn signals and the emergency flashers do not
    work. I assume I have to replace the emergency flasher switch. Is
    this an easy job? Is there any way to repair it rather than buy a new
    one (87.00 here in Canada)?
    sh2004, Nov 16, 2007
  4. Guest

    Glenn Klein Guest

    Never had one apart but I do not think there are any serviceable parts
    inside as for removal remove the radio very gently push the hazard
    switch out reinstall same way just reverse
    Glenn K
    Glenn Klein, Nov 16, 2007
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