ABS & Tracs Off Warning Lights

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by sparky, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. sparky

    sparky Guest

    I've got a '96 850 GLT Wagon and the ABS and Trac's Off warning lights are
    coming on occasionally, usually together, sometimes not.

    Anybody with ideas what's going on?

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    sparky, Jun 26, 2003
  2. The TRACS works alongside the ABS sensors as the 850 only brakes the
    wheel when it detects wheelspin. Unfortunately there appears to be a
    generic fault with the ABS control units that may mean you need a new
    control unit-very pricey.
    If you're lucky, it might just be a wheel sensor.
    Get the error codes read, and get the garage to 'guarantee' that if
    they replace the sensor, that this will cure the problem....quite
    often the error code suggests a wheel sensor but in fact it's the
    control unit at fault.
    If the ABS warning light is on, then I believe ABS braking would be
    disabled, so this could be why it didn't work to well....it may not
    have been working at all!
    Conrad Edwards, Jun 27, 2003
  3. sparky

    Mike F Guest

    All 96-98 850 and x70 share the same control unit, and problem. You'll
    probably get a right rear wheel sensor code, but it will be a control
    unit fault. The rear sensors come as a unit (left and right together)
    and changing them is a long (and therefore expensive) process. If you
    get a right rear sensor code, you've been warned....
    Mike F, Jun 30, 2003
  4. Wasn't lucky; it was the control unit. It was $600 installed. Ouch. Then
    again, I was lucky that I didn't suffer brake failure prior.
    Phil Lefebvre, Jul 2, 2003
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