ATF level difference idling vs. off in 850 TDI AW50-42 automatic transaxle?

Discussion in 'Volvo 850' started by viktor weisshaeupl, May 19, 2007.

  1. After having the ATF changed in the 1969 850 TDI AW50-42 automatic transaxle I
    checked the level with the engine turned off and noticed a level high above the
    limits. I suctioned out 1,75 liters, THEREAFTER I read the mauals available and
    all had the same procedure description - ATF level check best with hot oil,
    after switching through all positions, after 2 min idling, checking with idling
    engine. I filled in exactly 1,75 l again, drove the engine hot, checked by the
    book - again the level was high above the limit and it seemed not to be very
    different from what I saw yesterday with practically cold engine turned off.

    So is there really much of a difference between cold resting and hot idling
    engine ATF levels ?? Does any draining of the torque converter into the sump
    happen when the engine is resting? Why the check during idling ?

    Although everything looks like the gearbox had been overfilled I am reluctant to
    believe it and am inclining to distrust myself. The mechanic who did it, has
    been reliably working on my 745 for years and I have full confidence in him. He
    had been working in a Volvo dealer/repair shop for many years.



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    viktor weisshaeupl, May 19, 2007
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