Automatic door locks?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Joseph Oberlander, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. Mine just stopped working. I got it back from the shop and
    the battery died - they left the trunk light on, morons.

    Anyways - everything is perfect other than the automatic
    door locks don't work. I can hear the relay switching
    in the dash and yet nothing happens.

    Reset switch? Some odd thing I have to do with the keys to
    reset the AI? Fuse(they looked fine, btw).

    Joseph Oberlander, Jun 25, 2003
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  2. A 1990 240. I'm beginning to suspect this - the battery keeps draining.
    I charged it up and ran around town for 45 minutes - put 20 miles
    on it and got the battery nice and charged up. This morning, maybe
    7-8 volts registering. Starter didn't even try to turn over. Click.

    My itinerary was:
    Pick up car from shop. Everything worked fine.
    Drive home *5* minutes. Park in driveway.
    Next morning, stone dead battery. Trunk light on. Grrr.
    They had it sitting in their shop for 10 days. Started fine,
    so I thought that was the end of it. Ran it around town.
    (door locks weren't working?) - this morning - poof. Dead battery.

    I had it in the shop(front fender got mangled) - work was done, but
    looking at the invoice, they did one thing that stuck out as odd -
    to blend the front fender, they masked off the entire front door.

    No problem except that they *removed* the front door lock and
    handle(!). WHY comes to mind as a first response. I'm wondering
    if they messed up something as I've heard that the whole mechanism
    on the driver's side door lock is a bit fragile.

    Not broke? Don't TOUCH it. Sigh.

    It could also be the front headlights. None of them are on, but
    if one of the bulbs or sockets was shorted out, is it possible to
    have a short and not have lights work normally?(ground disconnected
    somewhere?) They replaced the front turn signal lens/assembly and
    had the headlight out as well.(plastic bracket snapped)

    It of course was a "like quality" replacement and not a factory
    new part(since have dropped my insurance company as they have a
    policy of not even using factory parts on a "used" car. I asked them
    if a 3 month old car qualified as "used" - they said yes. Buried
    in the small print on page two, of course - sigh) Possibly bad?
    No lights were on when I parked it - and they all come on correctly
    then they are turned on. Seems to work fine.

    I sat in the car contemplating this. Wrrrr. Wrrrr. Click.
    Ten minutes of this every so often. The door lock system seems
    to be acting like if would if you pushed it down while it was
    already locked - like the sound the windows make if you push
    "up" while they are already that way - relays and motors hum
    a little bit.

    Eventually, it stopped after a few minutes. It seemed to have
    finally reset itself.

    Now, the door lock knob - if I pull or push on it, all four
    doors work fine. Using the key, though, ZILCH.

    Sigh. Don't CARE about the door locks. If I could disable
    it I probably would. I do care about no battery and no starting.
    Joseph Oberlander, Jun 25, 2003
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