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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Michael Cerkowski, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. I'm in one of those 'what was I thinking when I brought the car
    here?' situations. Back in March
    we were bringing our '88 240 DL in for service on the throttle body &
    IAC, when the overdrive
    stopped working en route. I asked them to check it over, especially the
    kickdown cable, relay
    (which I said I thought was ok) and wiring. Two days later were told
    that 'The overdrive unit has
    failed' and that we needed a rebuilt transmission installed for about
    $3100.00. Yeah, right. I took
    the car home, did some research, and it seemed clear that it was the O/D
    *solenoid*, not the actual O/D unit (thanks to those here who helped
    with that). I got the part for $80, and brought the car to an
    independent Volvo/Saab shop to have it installed. They did so, and that
    solved the problem (along with replacing a frayed length of wiring).
    Total cost: slightly under $300.00. That wasn't the end, however...

    The Indie shop found that the left hood hinge was broken, and the
    kickdown cable O-ring
    was leaking fluid. Since I hadn't opened the hood myself, I brought the
    car back to Nemith,
    explained the situation, noted the 10X inflated repair estimate, and
    asked them to replace the
    hinge, O-ring and pan gasket. I offered to pay for the parts. The
    service manager wrote down
    what was wrong, told me to leave the car, and gave every impression that
    they'd fix those two
    problems. We have had services performed there over the last six
    years, including a power flush
    last August (minor screwups, but nothing major) and I really thought
    that they were going to make this right.

    Wrong. First I got a message from the same service manager saying
    that they would NOT
    be performing any "free repairs" on the car, but would give an estimate
    if I liked. His boss
    offered to refund the $39.50 we had been charged for the estimate, but
    said that they wouldn't
    even have looked at the lower cable end, or the transmission at all.
    Apparently $39.50 gets you a quick look at the throttle cable
    connection, and they click the O/D button a few times, nothing more, but
    on this they said I needed a $3100 rebuilt transmission. Or they DID
    look at the cable, and managed to bend it enough to make the O-ring
    fail. HIS boss backed him up.
    He further said that when they gave a diagnosis, I could choose whether
    or not to have the
    repair made, and they had no responsibility for the accuracy. At one
    point in our increasingly
    heated conversation he stated that 'It might be more fun to let you sue
    us' to get the estimate

    So, after nearly causing us to give the car to charity because of a
    misdiagnosed transmission
    'failure', Nemith would rather have complaints filed against them with
    the state Attorney General
    and Better Business Bureau than do work that would cost them about $100
    in actual labor. I got
    the impression that this won't be the first complaint filed against
    them, and they essentially don't
    care. Let my misfortune be a warning to other people in my area...


    Michael Cerkowski, Apr 28, 2004
  2. Michael Cerkowski

    Volvette Guest

    I found that they also launder lemons and resell them...Nemith Motors962
    Loudon RoadLatham, NY 12110($2,248.50 in consumer restitution)
    Nemith Motors962 Loudon RoadLatham, NY 12110($2,248.50 in consumer

    Nemith Motors962 Loudon RoadLatham, NY 12110($2,248.50 in consumer
    restitution)Nemith Motors962 Loudon RoadLatham, NY 12110($2,248.50 in
    consumer restitution)Nemith Motors962 Loudon RoadLatham, NY 12110($2,248.50
    in consumer restitution)Nemith Motors962 Loudon RoadLatham, NY
    12110($2,248.50 in consumer restitution)
    Volvette, May 1, 2004
  3. Michael Cerkowski

    Volvette Guest

    Volvette, May 1, 2004
  4. I saw that, but didn't know what is was about, specifically.


    Michael Cerkowski, May 2, 2004
  5. They heard plenty from me over the phone, and in person. Next they'll
    hear from the Better Business Bureau (a joke, I know) and the state
    Attorney General's office. It won't matter much, but I will also be
    informing everyone I know...

    BTW, I sent them my original complain via their form for making
    service appointments. The Volvo service manager, "Larry", claimed
    that the email forms "aren't hooked up - I don't get any of that
    stuff". Makes you wonder how people make service appts, eh?
    Michael Cerkowski, May 2, 2004
  6. thanx for the warning...what a bunch of sh&% heads....
    i will amke sure to stay away from them when ordering
    my new s60r
    ~^ beancounter ~^, May 3, 2004
  7. Michael Cerkowski

    Randy G. Guest

    Park your car out front with a big sign "Ask me how htis place tried
    to roip me off. I have the details!" After the media gets in touch
    with you (after you call them anon) it should get interesting.

    A lot of folks make fun of California, but the Bureau of Automotive
    Repairs and the State Atty. gen'l office take this sort of thing
    pretty seriously out here on the left side.

    from Randy & Valerie
    __ __
    \ \ / /
    \ \/ /
    1993 960
    Randy G., May 3, 2004
  8. I am not sure they would print it, but you could add a comment to the
    mechanic x area on click and clacks web site:
    BTW, Larry is not the service manager, just a writer, here is the who's who
    at nemith, I bet if you let them know whets going on they will take action,
    if not Volvo might if you let them know...

    let Volvo corporate know how happy you are too:
    Steve n Holly, Aug 21, 2004
  9. Michael Cerkowski

    Handymanx Guest

    I don't know where to begin with Nemith. Received a diagnosis that our V70
    needed $3,900 in repairs, which included numerous oil leaks, need to
    replace the drive shaft, etc. Of course, when I had the car in twice
    within the last few months complaining about oil leaks they couldn't
    detect them. Finally decided it wasn't worth doing the repairs, after
    getting a second opinion which confirmed some of the work was necessary.
    Gave a $1,000 deposit plus the V70 and ordered a new V50. 37 days later,
    I was informed there would be no car because Volvo was switching to the
    '06 model year. My complaints went nowhere, and Nemith declined to try to
    keep me as a customer. Went to pick up my old car yesterday, only to find
    the winter rims and tires were gone. Nemith doesn't know what happened to
    them, and refused to take any responsibility for them, although the car
    was solely in their possession all that time.

    Buyer beware!
    Handymanx, Apr 26, 2005
  10. Michael Cerkowski

    Nismofan Guest

    I worked for Nemith Motors for roughly 5 years and was friendly with all
    the Volvo Technicians and the Service Writer (Larry). They're very goal
    oriented and care about customer satisfaction. The master Volvo Tech John
    Jacon is an outstanding mechanic and cares about the reputation of his
    crew and the quality of work performed, this team honestly cares about the
    Volvo customers. I think your problems lie with the dishonest Service
    Manager (Jim Fullerton) who only cares about the money he can make for the
    shop. I have personally seen him on several occasions encourage
    overselling work and insist on performing BG services that Volvo does not
    recommend. This guy is bad news and he does not care about the customer
    or for that matter the reputation of the dealership. Alot of decent
    employees have quit Nemith Motors because of his compulsive lies and
    crooked politics. The last I knew there were four Volvo Techs, John, Dan,
    Aaron, and JB so I can't vouche for any other new Volvo hires but these
    guys are outstanding and knowledgeable Volvo mechanics with excellent
    credentials. This just sounds like Jim Fullersh*ts schemes as usual.
    Nismofan, Dec 22, 2005
  11. Michael Cerkowski

    John Horner Guest

    The good guys should go set up their own Volvo/European car independent
    repair shop. Many of the best shops I have seen over the years have
    been owned and operated by good senior techs who got fed up with
    stealership management.

    John Horner, Dec 22, 2005
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