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Discussion in 'Volvo S60' started by kevbrown, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Apr 22, 2012
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    hi guys, im new to all this but seems like a lot of you know a lot of things about volvos so i home maybe some of you may know whats going on with my car

    first of all i have a s60 d5 on a 2003 plate with 61000 miles. i bought it and its a pain to start in cold weather, even today 11 degrees and its difficult. i first thought heater plugs then someone mentioned injectors. i got my mate to come have a look and he brought the "leekoff/back" thing, a clear box with tubes that connect to the injectors, looka a bit like an octopus we tried to start the car but it was having none of it. the ooctupus thing was connected and the first injectors tube filled with fuel and a few of the others had little bits of fuel. so my friend thought no 1 injector was broke. he had a word with a few people and they seemed to agree. he came bact a few days later and we managed to get the car started. i have an obd 2 cable and plugged it in and a few fault codes came up
    P0244 turbo wastegate solinoid 1 peformance
    P0273 cylinder 5 injector circut low


    i googled cylinder 5 injector circut low and it mentioned fuel filter. so hoping it wasnt injectors (expensive) we have a look for the fuel filter. the fuel filter was not their, it was bypassed with what i think is a pump, lookes like a pump, rugby ball shaped and rubber. i think whoever owned the car before me may have had a ding and done that rather than having it sorted properly.
    when the car runs it runs smooth and no problems. its just getting it started. what i think is the problem is the fuel is returning the the tank so when i try to start it the fuel has to come all the way through from the tank to engine. the car will start no problems if i get it running and the turn it off and try again.
    can anyone help with this? its all rather strange
    many thanks in advance guys :confused:
    kevbrown, Apr 22, 2012
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