C70 convertible - any quirks to know about?

Discussion in 'Volvo C70' started by OlBlueEyes, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. OlBlueEyes

    OlBlueEyes Guest

    Looking at a '99 C70 ragtop - any advice or areas of concern to look for?
    OlBlueEyes, Aug 31, 2005
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  2. OlBlueEyes

    Tim.. Guest

    Yes, dont pay too much!!! Anything at a dealer is going to be waaaay over
    the top. 6-7k grand should be plenty on a 99 unless its in exceptional order
    / low miles.

    An all new C70 is very imminent, and the older model is fairly unloved as it

    Beware scuttle shake and poor ride especially on GT's with the harder

    Expect to have to hold on tight if its a T5!!

    Tim.., Aug 31, 2005
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  3. OlBlueEyes

    Wytze Guest

    Electric front windows are sometime tricky. Check for smooth noiseless
    movement. Check for perfect closing / sealing of the window when closed.
    Check for whistling noise at higher speeds. Best: visible inspection of
    inside mechanism, specifically front side where cable is fixed to window
    frame. Reason: adjusting the windows is tedious and a new window mechanism
    ("sorry sir, only the complete unit") costs a fortune. Alternative: live
    with it & handle with care.

    Cracking noise when steering max left or right are often caused by a design
    flaw, regularly put grease on the appropriate locations solves it (not
    typically for convertable).

    rest: mine is not for sale :)

    Wytze, Aug 31, 2005
  4. OlBlueEyes

    Chris Bowne Guest

    1999 is the first year that the 70 series used the electronic throttle
    module, or ETM. Very high rate of failure , esp after 70K miles. There is
    a class action suit pending against Volvo because of the high rate (I have
    heard of something like an 85 percent failure rate). If it fails, usually
    without warning, you lose throttle control and end up limping along at idle
    speed. Better hope it doesn't happen on an interstate with a semi breathing
    down your neck and there's 4 lanes of traffic to get across to the shoulder.
    Do a google on Volvo + ETM, and or check out the xc70.com forums on this
    subject. If I was buying a 1999-2001 70 series I would insist on dealer
    replacement of the ETM as a condition of sale, and an extended warranty on
    it on top of that. They go for around a grand to replace. Have given
    Volvo's reliability reputation a big and apperenty well deserved black eye
    for the way they have been trying to dodge responsibility. I just dodged
    the ETM bullet, my recently purchased 98 V70 XC Cross Country was the last
    year of the series that had a nice simple cable and spring controlled
    throttle body. Why they went from something cheap, simple and reliable to a
    electrical servo motor driven throttle body that costs a grand to replace
    and has an abysmal failure rate is beyond me.
    Chris Bowne, Sep 2, 2005
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