change water pump at time of changing timing belt?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by daffy, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. daffy

    daffy Guest

    I have a '98 v70 glt, recently acquired, and need to change the timing
    belt. No problems with water pump at this point, so far as I know,
    but a few service pros have suggested it is better to change the water
    pump at time of doing the timing belt. The Volvo service people
    however seem to be saying that Volvo water pumps just don't die, or
    don't die at this point (72K miles).
    I'm not anxious to spend a lot to do the water pump later but on the
    other hand don't want to be foolish and then get stuck with the
    expense. Do you think that it is a good idea -- or not -- to do the
    water pump now as a preventive measure anyway? Would appreciate your
    thoughts. Thanks.......
    daffy, Aug 3, 2007
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  2. I have a '98 v70 glt, recently acquired, and need to change the timing
    Standard procedure is to check if its ok and if no wear on the bearings or
    leaks are spotted its not changed.

    Greetings Niels
    Niels Bengaard, Aug 3, 2007
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  3. daffy

    c.fiedler Guest

    It makes sense to do both jobs at the same time IF the pump shows
    signs of wear. The work necessary to do the belt is essentially the
    same as to replace the pump but I would be inclined to wait until the
    next belt change and do the pump then regardless of what it looks
    like. But I'm kind of a cautious guy.

    Chuck Fiedler
    Nothing but Volvo since 1974
    c.fiedler, Aug 3, 2007
  4. daffy

    Tim.. Guest

    Water pumps on the whole last week- certainly past 100k. You may wish to
    check it carefully and perhaps leave it. Tensioner rollers and idler are
    much more important- they dont last quite as well.

    Personnally, for the exta £60 I always change the lot given that you dont
    get any 'slack' if the belt comes off / fails on the 5 cyl. It will lunch
    the engine entirely.

    Tim.., Aug 4, 2007
  5. daffy

    Brian Sørup Guest

    I changed the pump as well, at the 140K miles service, just to be on the
    safe side...
    The old pump didn't show any signs of wear at all, but a new original
    Volvo pump cost me around $100 ( in Denmark ) and that's a cheap
    insurance against pump failure if you ask me....
    Brian Sørup, Aug 4, 2007
  6. daffy

    Roadie Guest

    Since it is driven from the timing belt and it's failure could cause
    serious problems elsewhere I would follow common practice and change
    the pump.
    Roadie, Aug 6, 2007
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