changing a starter motor in 440 HELP DESPERTELY NEEDED

Discussion in 'Volvo 440' started by scotratrescue, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Hi people,

    Ive joined the group in the hope i can pass some info on and also i
    need major help/advice for changing a starter motor in a 440.

    Ive had volvos 240 in the past and loved them, got to do a few things
    to it, so hopefully i can help anyone with a 240. I also have a volvo
    740 gle which is a project at the moment lots of faults, but it was
    donated to us and we snapped it up, still runs, but niggly problems are
    going to be a challenge.

    My main concern at the moment is how to change the starter motor in our
    440. We have a haines manual which we followed to the letter, remove
    filter jack up car, but it fails to tell you firstly where the starter
    motor is (assuming its over the top of the engine which isnt really

    jacking the car in its jacking place as stated by our owners manual has
    bent and buckled the trim at the bottom, and the jack kinda collapsed,
    so another jack is called for which we have.

    Can anyone tell me how to access the starter motor, and the best way of
    how to do seems to be hiding. if its underneath why on earth
    would haines tell you to remove the aircleaner/filter.

    any help would be much appreciated.

    thanks in advance

    scotrat animal rescue
    scotratrescue, Nov 22, 2006
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  2. scotratrescue

    M-gineering Guest

    Behind the engine, carefully encapsulated by the exhaust manifold. You
    can just about see the mountingbolts from above.

    And proper jackstands!
    This is one job which isn't fun, could take a whole day or more and all
    the skin on your knuckles, while somebody with all the right tools and a
    carhoist will breeze through!
    M-gineering, Nov 22, 2006
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  3. scotratrescue

    Tony Guest

    Are you sure it is faulty? I assume its not turning over, have you
    checked with a good battery first? It is unusual for these to be
    damaged unless from some other problem that caused it to not start and
    the starter to wear out.

    Anyway a 440 is nowhere near as reliable as a 240, expect problems and
    rust eventually. Get the 740 running properly it will pay you back 10
    times and much easiler to work at with a proper Volvo engine.
    Indeed, if you don't know how to use a jack and/or where to put it,
    nevermind not being able to find the starter you probably shouldn't
    attempt it. Help here is one thing, but sounds like you need someone
    there to guide you. Do not get under the car without axle stands
    supporting the weight on solid suspension parts!

    Probably because it gives you better access to bolts at the top. I
    assume you have the right manual not a 340 or something, similar engine
    different layout.
    Tony, Nov 22, 2006
  4. thank you so much for your input, its lovely to get a reply, having
    joined a volvo forum elsewhere, no one answered so thank you somuch.

    Yes pretty sure its the starter motor, can be bump started, its a new
    battery which we tried in the 740 started no problems, you can hear the
    starter trying to go, its probably the brushes sticking but ive decided
    just to renew the whole starter motor.
    I did think it was somewhere in the region, perhaps hidden by heat
    shields? possibly, am going to try tackling it again tomoro.>
    I have the haines manual which doesnt tellyou where to jack, the owners
    manual did, stating just behind the front wheel, which i did, but the
    jack that came with the car seems to be a bit flimsy for what im used
    to,, what i intend to do, is apply handbrake, select first gear, put
    stops behind the rear wheels to stop it rolling, jack up onto breeze
    blocks, i certinaly dont want to take any chances with a volvo landing
    on my wee head. i dont entirely trust jackstands, so im hoping the
    above precautions are adequate. i do intend to build a pit for our cars
    when the weather allows.
    suspension parts!

    many thanks again, will let you know how i get on.

    as for the 740, its looks a great car and such a nice drive, but
    unfortunately for me, the farmer we rent from doenst maintain the
    driveway and its appalling, due to the long wheelbase, it scraped on
    the driveway where the concrete had worn away leaving a large dip, and
    i mustve either loosened a fuel line or ruptured the petrol tank as i
    leaked petrol all the way home, so its out of action till i have the
    weather and tools to raise it to find what damage there is.

    we also have a seatbelt sensor which clicks maddening away despite all
    seat belts being secured, a sunroof that the mechanism is heard trying
    to close but wont, having the manual handle broken off, just wee silly
    niggly things like that seem to be the problem with the 740, the petrol
    leak does seem to be the most major.

    many thanks again for your input.

    scotrat animal rescue
    scotratrescue, Nov 22, 2006
  5. scotratrescue

    M-gineering Guest

    given the amounts of heatshields mentioned in the Haynes instructions I
    wouldn't discount the possibility
    M-gineering, Nov 23, 2006
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