Converting a 2001 V40 to Diesel

Discussion in 'Volvo V40' started by byrocat, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. byrocat

    byrocat Guest

    1) Is it do-able in North America?
    2) Where can you get a compatible engine?
    3) Any legislative impacts on doing it?
    4) What electronics are impacted (eg, transmission, trip coputer,

    Gas here in Canada is now $1.07Cdn ($0.92US) per litre, diesel is
    $0.92Cdn/litre. MIght as well explore the concept.

    Last summer, drove around Western England (Exeter to Tintagel to
    Torquay) in a 2005 SAAB 95 Diesel, same tankage as here (48litres) but
    1000 kilometers (600 miles to the tank) as opposed to the 500
    kilometers if I'm lucky with the V40.

    Same size engine, FOUR adults in the SAAB.
    byrocat, Jul 10, 2006
  2. byrocat

    Nick Guest

    Speaking from the UK - I am still amazed you guys have not caught on to the
    benefits of diesel for general purpose motoring.... even we are / were
    behind the mainland Europe guys... perhaps you don't get the option over
    there or diesel cars are much more expensive - perhaps it isn't "cool" to
    drive a diesel car ? I'd be interested to know.

    I am/was a "petrol head" ( to a certain extent anyway) but after a Volvo T5
    and then an 850R which were "adequate" I had a similarly powered (230 bhp)
    BMW 530D (with chip) all auto transmissions, and the best allrounder, nicest
    to drive (and possibly the fastest as well) was the diesel.... 0 - 60 mph
    was around 7 seconds and when "touring" it was easy to get high 40s to the
    UK gallon, (and overall around 39 to 42) whereas the other two were mid
    twenties. With 70 litre tanks this gives a potential range of up to 650 to
    700 miles between looking for fuel which is also a bonus

    I recently had an older (1995) BMW 525TDs auto with 140,000 on the clock
    which gave me high 30's overall and mid 40s when touring, and now have a
    Volvo again, a V70 2.5 diesel - this time a manual - and early indications
    are mid to high 40s. I can chip it if I want but probably won't as its a
    "utility" car.

    Fuel prices in UK are currently 98p/litre for diesel and 96p/litre for
    petrol, so the UK has quicly caught on in the last 3 years and diesel sales
    here are now a relatively high proportion of new car sales as a result -
    there are also tax advantages for company car drivers

    Hope that was of interest,

    Nick, Jul 10, 2006
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