DC Designs car show goes live at Infibeam.com

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by sonia.sen81, May 16, 2008.

  1. sonia.sen81

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    India’s revered automobile design guru and designer par excellence –
    Dilip Chhabria and some of his latest creations have been featured
    online for sale exclusively on India’s leading website http://www.infibeam..com

    Showcasing remodeled or modified cars designed by Dilip Chhabria like
    Toyota Innova (SUV) and special purpose vehicles like the newly
    launched Tata Winger Executive Van or Lextran Tempo Traveler, DC as he
    is fondly called, displays his penchant for ‘designing excellence.’
    The unique selection can be viewed on Infibeam.com at the following
    URL. http://www.infibeam.com/static/dcdesign/designer-cars-india.html

    Says Vishal Mehta, Founder - CEO, Infibeam.com, “Car makeover,
    Designer cars or Remodeled cars serves a niche category. We are very
    pleased to offer the excellent creations of Dilip Chhabria for sale on
    our online platform.”

    Infibeam.com has already made its mark as a leading online platform
    for buying, selling or renting a range products and services like
    automobiles, mobile phones, cars on rent. Infibeam.com offers unique
    online shopping with true to life visuals of the interiors and
    exteriors of DC remodeled Tata Winger Executive Van, Lextran Tempo
    Traveller and Toyota Innova.

    Car makeover or customization is not only sought after by the young
    and hip but by companies who wish to offer travel comforts and style
    that is all on offer. And who else but Dilip Chhabria’s firm teaming
    up with Infibeam.com is all set to cater to niche audiences who will
    find cool ambiance on hot wheels.

    For more information on DC Designed Cars please visit :
    sonia.sen81, May 16, 2008
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