Downtown Toronto area Volvo mechanics?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by cton, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. cton

    cton Guest

    I live in downtown Toronto and I'm wondering if anyone knows any good
    indy mechanics who specialize in Volvos, specifically in the downtown
    west-end? Up until now I've been visiting South Scarborough Auto
    Service (volvo specialists) way out in, you guessed it, Scaraborough
    (30-60 min. drive depending on traffic). Does anyone know more about
    these guys? Are they worth the drive, or is there someone closer to
    Bathurst & St.Clair area of Toronto that I'd be better off in dealing
    with? I've only been going to these Scarborough guys because my uncle
    recommended them (although I just found out he stopped going since his
    trusted mechanic left due to a difference of opinion with the new
    ownership), and its only been a couple of times that I've been so I'm
    not really married to them. I've heard of a guy down on Richmond near
    Strachan but I don't remember the name of his shop.. anyone? It would
    make my life much easier.

    Thanks in advance.
    cton, Mar 9, 2007
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  2. cton

    Inno Guest

    Jeremy's on Queen around Sherbourne is an indie garage that does the
    work on my 98 V70. Very professional attitude, clean shop, will
    repair rather than replace.

    Give them a try. They are not strictly Volvo but do a lot of BMWs,
    Saabs, etc.

    Inno, Mar 10, 2007
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  3. cton

    Inno Guest

    Jeremy's on Queen around Sherbourne is an indie garage that does the
    work on my 98 V70. Very professional attitude, clean shop, will
    repair rather than replace.

    Give them a try. They are not strictly Volvo but do a lot of BMWs,
    Saabs, etc.

    Inno, Mar 10, 2007
  4. cton

    blurp Guest

    Hi Clayton,

    You won't have to sorry about driving out to South Scarborough because
    I've been told the new owners pulled a "midnight move" and they are no

    Try Apollo Garage at Bathurst and Dupont. They are Volvo specialists
    and pretty decent at doing what needs doing without padding.

    Their number is 416 535 9565 and they might still be open Saturday
    mornings too.

    Good luck,
    ps. I know another seemingly very honest and friendly guy at Queen and
    Dovercourt called Mario, also a long-time Volvo guy, 416 588 3881
    blurp, Mar 12, 2007
  5. cton

    cton Guest

    You won't have to sorry about driving out to South Scarborough because
    Seriously?! When did this happen? Are you are talking about the same
    South Scarborough Auto... the Goodyear dealership who specializes in
    Volvos?! This is bad news since I have an issue with the brake job
    they just did a couple months ago and was going to try to have them
    rectify it before switching! Wow... thanks for the heads up, blurp.

    Unfortunately Apollo is no more as well... I heard the two old guys
    retired. Either way, the shop is gone with a for rent sign in the
    window. Disappointing as its a 5 min walk from my place.

    Thanks for Mario's info as well, blurp... I'm pretty sure he's the guy
    I've been recommended before who used to be located at Sudbury &
    Dovercourt but recently moved to Richmond & Strachan? I've heard he is
    very good, but very busy - a good sign, but hopefully doesn't reflect
    in his prices. Hell, if he's that good, I suppose it would be worth

    Also thanks to Inno for the Jeremy's recommendation. If Mario isn't
    too busy, I'll try them out. Its just that I'd prefer a strictly Volvo
    shop if possible...but not a dealership $$$$.

    Thanks a bunch guys!
    cton, Mar 13, 2007
  6. cton

    cton Guest

    Yup, on Warden between St. Clair and Eglinton. A friend of mine
    Well I suppose it makes sense. My uncle (who recommended those S.S.
    guys in the first place) told me that the old mechanic who started the
    volvo service there left over a dispute with the new owners, and that
    ever since the new guys took over completely, his monthly service
    costs went up dramatically. He decided to find a new mechanic and this
    news worried me as they had just completed a full brake job on my '88
    240 (new rotors, new calipers, new pads, new hoses, some new lines).
    Low and behold, I now have a sweaty front caliper and a leak somewhere
    (I'm guessing in or around that caliper)... gotta get it fixed now,
    and was hoping they'd rectify since they did the work only a couple of
    months ago. Guess that won't be happening! Argh.
    That's good to know that the Apollo guys are still around! I'd heard
    about them, and they're close by so I'll probably try them out. Do I
    need to specifically ask for either Rui or Rick? Is one better than
    the other? Thanks for looking into that!

    cton, Mar 13, 2007
  7. cton

    blurp Guest

    Yup, on Warden between St. Clair and Eglinton. A friend of mine
    dropped by there a month ago and there was a sign in the window. They
    had a box of her parts too and I don't think she got them back. The
    landlord let her in to look for them and indicated to her that he
    suspected they had been planning this for a while. I used to get work
    done there too but the location was a bit of a pain and I had some
    issues with them as well. I drove by there a few days ago and it all
    looks the same but there aren't Volvos parked out front.
    I was surprised by this so I called the number and found out that they
    have moved to 1138 Dufferin (just north of Bloor) and consolidated two
    locations (the other was caled Direct Auto Service) into one business
    called DAAS (which stands for Direct Apollo Automotive Service) and
    the guys I liked dealing with at Apollo (Rui and Rick) are both there!
    blurp, Mar 13, 2007
  8. cton

    blurp Guest

    They told me that Rui was off for march break but that Rick was there.
    I don't know that you'd need to ask for either of them but they were
    the guys running Apollo so I figure likely any Volvo that arrives will
    be for their attention. I don't know if the newly amalgamated company
    deals with other cars as well or if it's just a big Volvo shop now.
    Apollo was in a really cramped space so one of the reasons for the
    merge was to increase capacity.

    As for which on is preferred, I liked dealing with them both. Funny
    thing is they used to (and probably still do) drive big American cars
    (the kind of thing Jim Rockford might have gotten locked in the trunk
    of) and not Volvos, as one might expect.

    I took my old 240 Turbo to them many times for brakes, fuel pumps, and
    various other random jobs. Now I live across town.

    ps. I see your work all over the place and I quite like it!
    blurp, Mar 13, 2007
  9. cton

    cton Guest

    Thanks again for the info on the Apollo guys, blurp!! Very useful and
    appreciated indeed! I'll be heading over there later this week to talk
    to them. I was going to go today but decided to head over to my newly
    aquired 'parts car' and strip it for goodies instead since the weather
    was so nice. I've also heard that those Apollo guys had used wheels at
    the old spot... wonder if they still have this stock and by chance
    would have a set of virgos? I'd love to get some for the summer. Did
    you have those on your old Turbo? If so, how did they ride?
    Thanks re:my work! I guess my email isn't very 'annoynomous' eh? heh
    heh. Do you have any favourite pieces that you've seen?
    cton, Mar 14, 2007
  10. cton

    blurp Guest

    Well I still have the Turbo and it's still on the Virgos. Actually
    it's got snows/steelies on the back right now. The Virgo rims are very
    nice and I've always thought they were among the nicest Volvo rims out
    there. I've seen them come up on ebay but shipping is a bit of a
    hassle. Lilly (the 240 turbo) has seen better days but with over 320K
    on her she owes me nothing and still she runs. Right now she's a
    winter car for my brother-in-law and she's gradually changing his mind
    about Volvos: he's a die-hard American-car kind of guy but now he
    drives my matt-black 1983 240 Turbo to his job at the Porsche
    dealership so all this European workmanship is starting to soften his

    There's a place on Landsdowne (I think) called Volvo Guys and Swedish
    Motors on Eastern who sometimes stock older/used parts. And if you're
    up to the short drive to Guelph Hamilton's Corner Garage will surely
    have Virgos for sale.

    I've seen your work in eye, dose, and in Walrus. I think (although I
    may be mistaken) that your art is on the cover of a CFNY compilation
    disk from years ago but I cannot be sure as I no longer have the disk.

    As for my favorite, right now it's this one:
    That's become my project for this weekend!

    blurp, Mar 16, 2007
  11. cton

    cton Guest

    Thanks blurp. I'm definitely sold on these rims, and have also felt
    they are the best looking volvo rims out there. I'll begin my search
    now so that they're ready for the warm weather right around the
    corner. Someday, I'd love to own a 240 Turbo myself... the two door
    with out all the body trim is a pretty sweet looking ride, plus I'm
    sure that extra power would make it quite a sleeper.
    Thanks for the tip!
    Cool, thanks. I've also been doing work for the Globe & Mail lately if
    you ever pick that paper up. The CFNY disk wasn't mine but I'm curious
    to see who did it. As for your fav illo, the doggy slidding door - did
    that one for Cottage Life... the writer claimed it to be the best fix
    for a screen door ever! His dog was always opening the screen door but
    couldn't close it (heh heh) so he rigged that set-up so it
    automatically shut behind the pooch. Let me know how it works out!

    Take care,
    cton, Mar 17, 2007
  12. cton


    Oct 17, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Its nice to hear folks appreciated our efforts back in the day. We did our best to provide friendly service and best possible value for the dollar. Not sure if any of the participants in this ancient thread will receive any notification that someone has posted here after all these years, but I figured since this is the only reference to Apollo left on the internet, I would leave a comment here for posterity.

    For any interested parties, Rui (the last Apollo proprietor) passed away last year at the age of 46 of a heart attack. I know he was thankful for all the wonderful people who were Apollo regulars. You all made a very difficult job a bit more bearable that it otherwise would have been. Unfortunately the winds of business did not blow in our favor and the shop became untenable.

    Thanks for all the happy memories! Sincerely, Rick.
    desporterizer, Dec 19, 2018
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