Front bumber interchange

Discussion in 'Volvo S60' started by projectPONY, May 21, 2018.

  1. projectPONY


    May 21, 2018
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    Dallas, TX
    Greeting to all,

    I have been searching for an answer to what I believe is a simple question. I have visited several forums and done multiple Google searches to no avail. I'm hoping you guys can help me out.

    I have a 2009 S60 2.5T that was in a slight accident and I'm in need of a front bumper cover and driver side fender. I have located a few cars that are being parted out but not one of them is a 2009. One is an '05 and the other an '06. Are the parts from these two cars interchangeable with my 2009? Or is this question truly loaded?

    Thanks in advance. Any help will be highly appreciated.
    projectPONY, May 21, 2018
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