FS - 1983 Volvo 240 Turbo (located in Canada)

Discussion in 'Volvo 240' started by Allan Shearer, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. www.shearer.ca/volvos4sale/240_Front1.jpg

    $2400 CAD as is (little if anything needed to safety - and due to the
    age of the car, it no longer needs the e-test ... but it DID pass 2
    years ago)

    240,000 KMS (not miles! - low mileage!!)

    This car is in SOLID codition.

    Beautiful condition interior and exterior.

    EVERYTHING works!

    - Automatic transmission
    - Turbo (redone at 180K kms ... tons of life left!!)
    (FYI - a turbo generally will give you 150K *miles* before it needs an
    overhaul, so this one is just an infant)
    - Air conditioning
    - Power windows, power mirrors, pw doorlocks
    - New battery
    - New exhaust
    - Excellent rubber on tires (Michelin Arctic Track)
    - Sunroof
    - New JVC (CD/MP3) stereo.
    - Completely restored body 3.5 years ago ... absolutely beautiful.
    - Complete service history (all Volvo mechanics)
    - I am the 2nd owner (had this for 5-6 years)
    - non-smoker

    And just think - only 3 more years and it'll be an official 'Antique'!

    Located in Brockville, Ontario Canada.

    Email Allan Shearer at: allanATshearerDOTca
    Allan Shearer, Mar 12, 2005
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  2. Everyone - I'm not sure whether it's OK to post 'For Sale' postings in
    this newsgroup, but I figured if someone in the Upper State New York
    area was looking for a couple of good Volvos, or even to buy these for
    parts ... I should at least let ya'll know.

    We live just across the U.S./Canada border. Don't know how tough it is
    to import/export a used car from Canada. You'd have to do your homework
    on that first.


    Allan Shearer, Mar 12, 2005
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  3. Allan Shearer

    Danil Guest

    Actually this is the ad I was emailing you about some weeks ago, wanted
    info and if you can get any underbody shots of the car and a little more
    pictures of under hood?


    PS I may have not removed the "REMOVE" fom your email address!
    Danil, Mar 23, 2005
  4. 'some weeks ago' ...?

    Sorry Dan, but I got a single email from you on March 19th, 6:41am
    asking for underbody and engine photos ... to which I replied (to:
    "") the same day at 8:45pm. Please check your inbox.

    FWIW ... I'm not about to crawl under my car to take photos of the
    underbody. I feel the photos I've taken are more than adequate.


    .... and Danil spake, saying:
    Allan Shearer, Mar 23, 2005
  5. Allan Shearer

    blurp Guest

    Small world. Our very first Volvo was also a 1983 240 Turbo purchased
    6 years ago.

    Is this the post-deer Volvo mentioned elsewhere in this group? Mine
    has 325000 kms and is supposed to be getting body work this spring.
    When you had the turbo redone did you opt for the water-cooled variety
    or is it still the oil-cooled turbo? Did you replace any suspension
    components or are they original?

    blurp, Mar 23, 2005
  6. Yup, this is the same one that hit the deer. I still have my
    'before/after' polaroids around somewhere - which I needed for the
    Insurance company. I was pickin' deer fur outa the hood-cloth for
    months! ;)

    I now always say under my breath when a cyclist or pedestrian
    unwittingly steps out in front of me, "Don't do it! I've taken out
    BIGGER without a scratch!" ;)

    As for the turbo ... you know, I recall a discussion at the time about
    water vs. oil . . . but I cannot remember which this has. It didn't
    change, though. Whatever the stock turbo is in this model, is what it
    has. And no other modifications to the suspension ... all stock stuff
    .... and nice and *firm* for the Turbo/high-speed (heh heh), etc...

    Interestingly ... my brother once had a Cadillac STS and it had to get
    some work done over a period of a week. I lent him my 240 for that week
    and we was totally blown-away! He was expecting it to sound and feel
    like an old clunker ... but it's so well kept and the ride is so tight
    (cornering, etc...) ... he just couldn't believe it. OK, ok - maybe not
    AS peppy as his STS - but it still surprised him. He suddenly realized
    why I love it so!

    I just LOVE the sound it makes as it 'whirs' up. I tell ya ... I'm
    gonna miss this car. We're only selling it because we don't have the
    room to park it. If we had a 2-car garage it would be staying in the
    family (sniffle).


    .... and blurp spake, saying:
    Allan Shearer, Mar 23, 2005
  7. Allan Shearer

    James Sweet Guest

    Stock is oil cooled, replacements are almost always oil + water cooled,
    there's no reason to do otherwise unless you *really* need to do it cheap
    and don't care if the turbo life is halved.
    James Sweet, Mar 24, 2005
  8. Allan Shearer

    blurp Guest

    Having the exact same car I can honestly say "I know what you mean"
    when you talk about the thrill of the 240 turbo. Unfortunately i live
    in the city (Toronto) and don't even have a driveway, I rely on street
    parking. That's why I picked up an old 760 when the opportunity arose
    and sent the 240 away for body work...I'll have to store it over the
    winter to protect it from the salt trucks that drive down my street
    and fling their corrosive payload hither and thither.

    I don't know exactly where I would store a third volvo but I'm working
    on it!

    As forthe turbo it was probably a rebuild (as I had done with mine) so
    it'll still be oil cooled. The water-cooled setup (at the time I was
    calling around) meant throwing $1400 at the issue (roughly double the
    cost of a rebuild and install).

    ps. if I find $2400 and a garage I'll come running!
    blurp, Mar 24, 2005
  9. Hi'ya Blurp

    This all rings a bell ... and now I can say with much more confidence
    that it IS oil-cooled. I remember the discussion with my Volvo mechanic
    who was explaining to me the advantages of oil vs. water (but to be
    honest, I wouldn't have been able to recall WHICH was better ...
    although, it seems to make sense that oil would be better since it would
    have a lower boiling point). Indeed, my turbo was 're-built' or
    refurbished. He kept my car the whole time (well, it had a LOT more
    work to be done on it!) while the turbo was sent off to Montreal for the
    re-build. I was told it would be 'like new' ... and sure enough, it's
    'whirrin' like a kitten (... that's the sound when you swing a cat over
    your head, I guess).

    I even have a 2nd Turbo gauge somewhere in my parts bin. The one on my
    car is the original, but my mechanic says that the needle is resting
    (home position) a little off the mark. Of course, this means nothing -
    other than esthetics ... but the 2nd Turbo gauge is supposed to line-up
    properly ... I've just never installed it (I know, I know ... a 2-second
    job, I'm sure!).

    Well . . . if your 240 comes out nicer than mine, you could always swap
    out the 760 and have 2x 240's ... a 'winter' one and a 'summer' one.
    heh heh :)



    .... and blurp spake, saying:
    Allan Shearer, Mar 24, 2005
  10. Allan Shearer

    James Sweet Guest

    A little more info is needed here for this to make sense. Oil cooled turbos
    are just that, they rely solely on the lubricating oil to cool them. "water
    cooled" turbos are an oil cooled turbo with an *additional* cooling jacket
    which circulates water/antifreeze through the engine's cooling system. You
    still need the oil for lubrication, the water jacket just drastically
    reduces the operating temperature of the turbo bearing housing virtually
    eliminating oil coking. I have an oil cooled turbo on my 240 because the
    previous owner had it done and it's scary to see that thing glowing orange
    hot. It may cost twice as much, but it will literally last twice (or more)
    as long in most cases so as I said before, given the choice it's more
    economical to go with water cooled if you plan to keep the car for a while.
    James Sweet, Mar 25, 2005
  11. This car has been SOLD. Thanks for all the interest.
    Allan Shearer, Apr 12, 2005
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