HandBrake in Volvo 340

Discussion in 'Volvo 340' started by C.M.F., Nov 16, 2003.

  1. C.M.F.

    C.M.F. Guest

    I drive a old (1991) 340 two weeks ago.

    HandBrake don't work and rear wheels are softly brakes (rims hot in few
    dozen meters). Cable is untautens, but if I tauten it and pull at the top
    the handbrake, hardly stops the car in soft slope. I don't understand how
    work. I think that someone asembled it badly. What happen here?

    C.M.F., Nov 16, 2003
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  2. C.M.F.

    Tony Stanley Guest

    If the rims are hot in such a short space they must be jammed on, or the
    fronts are not working well.

    Cable is untautens, but if I tauten it and pull at the top
    Presumably the car will roll down a hill or the fronts will get overworked,
    and it will fail the MOT.

    Probably the hinges on the self adjuster are seized. The brakes need
    dissassembled and handbrake levers worked loose with WD40 or similiar.

    Other problems can be seized wheel cylinders, incorrectly assembled levers
    and self-adjuster. There is not usually any problem that can be fixed
    easily and cheaply DIY, but a minimum requirement is a workshop manual.
    Tony Stanley, Nov 21, 2003
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  3. C.M.F.

    C.M.F. Guest

    Thanks for answer Tony. I have take off brake drums and the hinges on the
    self adjuster was seized, I don't know why. Now wheels turn on, but not 100%
    free, transmision friction + brake friction (perhaps shoes not round-shaped
    after all). Handbrake work finally but not ful effective still. I'll tauten
    cable a little.

    Whay is MOT?
    C.M.F., Nov 29, 2003
  4. C.M.F.

    Tony Stanley Guest

    Its the required test for road worthyness. Comes from Ministry Of
    Transport, even though the name was changed everyone still calls it the MOT

    Anyway, if the brakes have been neglected for a long time, it may be
    worthwhile going for a full overhaul. -Wheel cylinder, shoes, drums, pins,
    clips etc. Sometimes the adjuster plates get rusty and weak and don't
    Tony Stanley, Nov 29, 2003
  5. C.M.F.

    C.M.F. Guest

    ok!, MOT must be a ITV equivalence. ITV in my country, spain, means Vehicle
    Technical Inspection. To pass it is obligatory for vehicles more 4 years old
    (and cause of my question). Really, the brakes have been neglected for a
    long time but wasn't rusty or weak, it looks very well state. Thanks.
    C.M.F., Nov 29, 2003
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