Headlamp holder in 2001V40 wobbles

Discussion in 'Volvo V40' started by byrocat, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. byrocat

    byrocat Guest

    I noticed that my driver-side headlamp had burned out and got a
    replacement bulb from the local Cdn Tire.

    On popping off the rubber cover, I reached in to pull off the
    electrical socket. That's when I noticed that the entire inner unit
    (the plastic part that holds the lamps) is loose.

    It pivots around the vertical center of the unit about a quarter inch
    (half-centimeter) -- sort of look right, look left.

    The passenger side unit is rock solid.

    Can anyone point me at an appropriate manual site so I can diagnose
    exactly what's happening (other than "it's loose!") and what I can do

    Other than the wobbling about, the replacement went in with a bit of
    jiggling around.

    Thanks all!
    byrocat, Jun 1, 2007
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