Hello Volvo people !!! Let me tell you about my new/used 2006 V50

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Patsv50, Dec 11, 2018.

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    Dec 11, 2018
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    Well my truck is in the body shop for an unexpected, complete restoration. This left me in need of a car to get me through a very long, and cold winter here in Vermont, USA. I looked on the internet for a couple of days, but I could find nothing within my $3,000.00 budget that I thought would be worth purchasing . Well I stopped at a place (body shop) where I had seen used cars for sale in the past, but the lot was empty, but I went inside anyway and told the owner what I was looking for (an inexpensive winter car) . Wouldn't you know it, he had one car in the back lot, he asked if I like Volvo's, and I replied that I do, and that I own a 2007 S80. The one car that he had for sale was a 2006 V50, she looked pretty nice and I thought it would be more money than I wanted to spend. When he told me he had just bought the car from a dealer wholesale the day before, and hadn't even checked the fluids yet, but if I wanted it , and had cash, he would let it go for $1,800.00 . She has 180,000 miles on her, but in true Volvo fashion, the engine runs perfect. Needless to say, we are a two Volvo family now. The first thing I did was pick up an oil filter, and oil, assuming a change was in order. Well the oil on the dipstick was clean, and I then spotted a sticker on the windshield that indicated she wasn't due for a change yet , still had over twelve hundred miles to drive her on the existing oil. I have now driven her about 500 trouble free miles, and I am confident that she has been well taken care of through the years, and miles. The only real issue I can find is that the display screen on the dash, for reading the radio, and heat settings, does not work. It looks like it was hit with something, it lights up, but you can't read anything. I have found another one in a local salvage yard for $125.00, but they tell me it may have to be programmed . I was hoping I could just pop it in and it would work, If I have to bring it to the dealer for programming they say it could cost as much as $200.00, THAT IS CRAZY and I will live with it broken if that's the case. Is there anyone out there that can confirm this is the case. Will the module need to be reprogrammed ? and is it really so difficult, and time consuming, that they can justify charging that much money ?
    Patsv50, Dec 11, 2018
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