Help Needed Now! V70R Overfilled With Oil! Dealer Claims It's OK!

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by Henry Greisman, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. I own a 2000 V70 R. I live in Toronto, Canada. I just took it into the
    dealer for the 72kms service, as well as to correct a rough start when cold
    problem and a few other items to get done before the warranty runs out at
    80,000 kms. They claimed the 48,000 kms service had not been done (I bought
    the vehicle about 1 year ago), so that was done as well. New plugs, etc.

    They recommended doing an Electronic Throttle Service as well as a PCV Valve
    service to help correct the rough start problem, and generally bring the
    vehicle to spec. So far so good. They did a few other things under

    When I drove the vehicle away from the dealer, I noticed billows of blue
    smoke coming out of the exhaust after about three minutes of driving. It
    also lost power and was limping along. I turned around immediately and drove
    back and left the car with them. I received a phone call in about an hour to
    tell me they discovered that the car was overfilled with oil due to bad
    calibration of the nozzle that measure out oil from drums for oil changes
    and that everything was ok now.

    Question to you all - can the vehicle "be ok now" as they claim? The loss of
    power when I was driving must mean that it was forcing oil into all kinds of
    places where oil shouldn't be - seals, gaskets, etc. How about the turbo?
    They also must have road tested it, so the condition could have existed
    beyond the driving I did.

    Should I insist they rebuild the engine? Should I ask for a new engine?
    Should I cry? Please help me to prepare for the conversation I'm about to
    have with them tomorrow. I have their loaner for now.


    Henry Greisman, Sep 2, 2003
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  2. Henry Greisman

    G Margrie Guest

    overfilling can cause premeture failuire of oil seals and gaskets. i would
    have thought it would be ok as you only drove it a few miles but keep an eye
    out for oil patched on your drive and the dipstick
    G Margrie, Sep 2, 2003
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  3. Someone just posed this question to Click & Clack, the Car Talk Guys on
    radio and they said that no harm could be done. The reduction in power
    is normal due to the viscous loading of the crank and the burning of oil
    was due to the excess oil in the head that was leaking around the
    valves. They suggested that you might use this as an excuse to get the
    pan and valve gaskets replaced, but that they should be OK.
    Stephen M. Henning, Sep 4, 2003
  4. Henry Greisman

    CAAD5 Guest

    Your 2000 V70R does not have a PCV valve, get your money back.
    CAAD5, Sep 16, 2003
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