I love my 99 V70!

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by jim, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. jim

    jim Guest

    I just wanted to let anyone out there know if they are looking for a
    great used car consider the '99 V70 (wagon). I am in sales and this car
    is incredable. Everyday I stop start this car ten + times with never a
    problem. Yes, the repairs are expensive but average less than $1000.00
    per year over the past four. It is the most dependable car I have EVER
    owned (equal only to the Toyota Camry of my earlier years in sales). I
    have 150,000 miles on it now and it actually seems to ride nicer and
    run smoother than when brand new. It was a perfect car for my wife
    while the kids were small with the third seat and the gas milage is
    great...still around 25 mpg!!! How many cars do you know that handle 4
    years of small town short run driving then three + of major highway
    speed/miles and do it well?...the volvo is. Hope the Navigator I just
    bought works out half as well!!!
    jim, Jan 24, 2007
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  2. Great news - I am lookig at the same thing, but the XC version. I am
    just scared b/c the car has 71K and I cannot verify tha tthe timing has
    been done.
    kevin.bullard, Jan 25, 2007
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  3. jim

    Mr. V Guest

    They don't do real well in snow.

    Mr. V, Jan 25, 2007
  4. jim

    Roger Mills Guest

    In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
    That's not snow - that's sheet ice! Even so, the V70 did better than most
    until it clipped the corner of another vehicle which was sticking out into
    the road.
    Email address maintained for newsgroup use only, and not regularly
    monitored.. Messages sent to it may not be read for several weeks.
    Roger Mills, Jan 25, 2007
  5. Don't be scared. You really have no choice but to assume the timing belt
    hasn't been done, so it will need to be scheduled immediately if you buy the
    car. The price should also reflect that - otherwise, there is negotiating to
    be done.

    An awful lot of owners sell a car when the first timing belt replacement is
    due. They see the cost of ownership suddenly rising and jump ship.In any
    event, if you don't know when the belt was changed, when should it be
    changed next?

    Michael Pardee, Jan 25, 2007
  6. What snow. That was glare ice and nothing did well, especially parked
    cars. When cars slide sideways, you know there is no traction. Here in
    PA where we get over 30 inches of snow annually, I have had no problems
    in 40 years with my Volvos, even the old 240's which "were bad in snow".
    It takes some common sense to drive in snow. The most dangerous
    vehicles on the road are the 4x4 pickups which get overconfident and
    smash up spectacularly.
    Stephen Henning, Jan 25, 2007
  7. jim

    mjc Guest

    A car that young that "only" averages about $1k a year in
    repairs is not a great vehicle. We bought our '96 Camry sedan in
    '99 with 99k miles on it. In the first *five* years it cost us
    about $400 in repairs, and about $1k *total* for repairs and
    maintainance over the whole five years. From 2003 until about six
    months ago, it cost us about another thousand in repairs and
    maintainance. Now, with 160k miles, at 12 years old, it's
    starting to cost as much to maintain as your Volvo. I'd like to
    sell it.

    I don't doubt that the Navigator will do half as well...
    mjc, Jan 25, 2007
  8. jim

    Mr. V Guest

    What snow. That was glare ice.

    Oh, really?

    It was snow.

    I live there.

    We had a couple inches of SNOW.

    No freezing rain.

    Note the color is WHITE: snow.

    Yeah, the heading of the clip talks about ice, but it fell as snow.

    Usually out here the snow doesn't stick: this time it did.

    The bumper car scene is a steep hill in downtown Portland.
    Mr. V, Jan 25, 2007
  9. When wet snow freezes it forms white ice. When snow gets packed, it
    forms white ice. When cars slide in snow they push the snow ahead of
    tires, especially when sliding sideways. None of the cars sliding were
    pushing snow. When cars slide sideways on frozen snow and packed snow
    they don't push the snow, they slide on top as the cars in the video
    did. If it is just below freezing, the weight of the cars forms a wet
    layer under the tires and cars slide effortlessly as in the video.

    I lived in Portland 21 years. We had two types of snow, slush and
    frozen slush. I remember one state football championship game that was
    played in the snow between Jefferson and Gresham. When players were
    tackled they would slide about 10 yards on the ground and throw up a
    wake of slush.
    Stephen Henning, Jan 25, 2007
  10. jim

    Richard Cole Guest

    I'm not so sure about the .

    My 98 V70 has cost me over £4,300 (~$8,000) in servicing and repairs since
    the middle of 2003 (I've covered ~60,000 miles) compared to £5,500 for
    petrol (~$11,000 for Gas) and the 1st years repairs were all done under

    Servicing is about 30% of my total running costs and in the UK petrol costs
    about $10 a gallon.

    I know my next car will be something reliable and cheap to repair (probably
    a VW or one of it's derivatives like SEAT or maybe even Skoda).

    Web pages: http://www.caravanningnow.co.uk/ for caravanning,
    http://www.rcole.org/ for my personal web site and
    http://www.homeindorset.co.uk because I love the email address.
    Richard Cole, Jan 25, 2007
  11. 150,000 miles on a Volvo is not young, but middle aged. Volvo owners
    spend money on their cars, not because they have to, but because they
    want to. Most problems are not fatal and seldom ever to the cars break
    down. But they do have symptoms such as check engine codes that are
    treated. The owners don't drive them into the ground like they do
    econoboxes but keep them in good shape. My '95 850 seldom needs
    repairs, but always gets routine service, new tires, a new battery, new
    brake pads, and serves me well. Today it is like new, inside and out.
    It drives like new. The proof is in the resale. A Volvo wagon with
    180,000 miles sells in one day to the first person that looks at it. I
    know, I have done it 8 times.
    Stephen Henning, Jan 25, 2007
  12. jim

    eastender Guest

    That's a lot - what went wrong? You could buy another for that money. Mind
    you, the car could be almost 10 years old. We traded an S40 for a 2001 V70
    wit 70k on it in 2005 - no big bills yet but we do a lot fewer miles than
    you. Having a lot of trouble with tyres deflating and the headlamp bulbs
    have both gone last week. We are in UK too.

    eastender, Jan 25, 2007
  13. jim

    Richard Cole Guest


    Nothing special, several electrical problems fixed under warranty (I don't
    have the invoices for these), new throttle cable, new sunroof module, new
    exhaust system (all that was wrong was the rear bracket was bust), new
    thermostat, new drivers window switch pack, new coin box, new ignition key
    lock, new MAF plus servicing (including 1 cam belt change). Nothing major
    (apart from the exhaust when a £5 weld job would have done) and the main
    dealer servicing charges,


    Web pages: http://www.caravanningnow.co.uk/ for caravanning,
    http://www.rcole.org/ for my personal web site and
    http://www.homeindorset.co.uk because I love the email address.
    Richard Cole, Jan 25, 2007
  14. jim

    eastender Guest

    Main dealer charges I expect being the lion's share? It seems like a huge
    amount for what, 3 years? Surely you could have got ATS or likewise to fit
    a new exhaust bracket. We've had ours serviced at a Volvo specialist in
    east London but not a main dealer. The last service was about £200 but the
    one with cambelt is coming up this year, and I will have to buy 4 tyres.

    eastender, Jan 25, 2007
  15. jim

    Tim.. Guest

    Bloody hell!! We have a 97 S70, and its cost next to nothing over its so-far
    92k miles, other than scheduled servicing. I have had to have a new electric
    window switch pack though.

    It feels hardly run in and gagging to do another 100k of trouble free miles.
    (touch wood)

    Tim.., Jan 25, 2007
  16. jim

    mjc Guest

    Maybe they sell fast where you are, but here they are worth
    little. And your points above don't refute my basic one: that a
    car requiring $1k a year in repairs and maintainance is, at very
    best, unexceptional in ownership costs and not "a great used car."
    mjc, Jan 26, 2007
  17. jim

    Mike F Guest

    Yes, you could see the first vehicle left no tracks in the "snow" on the
    roads, but did in the snow when it went across the sidewalk. But what
    amazed me the most were the people standing around as the cars bounced
    off each other and various poles etc.

    Mike F.
    Thornhill (near Toronto), Ont.

    Replace tt with t (twice!) and remove parentheses to email me directly.
    (But I check the newsgroup more often than this email address.)
    Mike F, Jan 26, 2007
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