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    Entrepreneurial Dynamic Channeling often begins with feasibility
    demonstrated by a strategy creating resources of activities ahead of
    the competition. A defendable advantage with a level of profitability
    then should be achievable by means of significance most sensible of
    directions, strategically management and promotional opportunities
    that remains relevant.

    Merchandise Inventory 2007/2008

    1.1. Truck & Bus
    2.1. Machinery
    3.1. Automobile
    4.1. Marine
    5.1. Equipment
    6.1. Performance
    6.2. Munifus Landmark Estate ™ Luxury Property, Villa and Residential

    Janine RV’S – Luxury Cars & Trucks For Sale

    Munifus Landmark Estate ™ represents a building-contractor located in
    many of the most beautiful and highly attractive locations around the
    world. The following represents a detailed description for one
    selection of Munifus Luxury Property ™. We have chosen to present a
    European-style residence to fit an extraordinary home residence in
    architectural richness with panoramic views, a lovely design and
    custom built home. Munifus House ™ has since it suit its first master
    safe home seems a perfect family living and grand entertaining.
    With plans and permits in place Munifus House ™ has found to the
    comfortable architectural style and setting on a peaceful inviting
    skilfully ground with wealth of charming details. Completely in the
    perfect featuring Munifus Luxury Property ™ is been aimed highest
    degree for quality to a superb living. Spacious and luxurious family
    living has been a typical decorative Munifus House ™ impression.

    Property Description

    155 kwm 1 ½ story souterreng plus home on 1050 kwm land features many
    distinctive upgrades. Main living areas with light settled detailed
    architecture and beech wood flooring. A chief’s kitchen with quality
    appliances and living room with fireplace, family room, dining room
    and well appointed main level suit, spa, marble bathroom and separated
    shower, plus two spacious and light bedrooms. Fully finished lower
    level includes wet bar, recreation room and walk-out. Walk-in closet
    for spacious keeping. Central heating system spirited out of rock,
    heating pump, accumulator, central water system (VA), safety
    application, broadband internet access, huge shoreline great landscape
    garden yard, swimming pool, boat landing-stage, carport, sauna/spa,
    balcony, harmonious forest surround house nearby, hunting / fishing /
    sports exercise, easy access communications, near city services, great
    view property in outmost charmful milieu.

    Prized: Application for Prospect.
    Rooms: 5 + 2 bedroom
    Size: 155 kwm + 22 kwm
    Yard/Garden: 1050 kwm
    Building Year: 2008/09
    Address: Agent Sundbyberg , Sweden .
    Reservation: Way/Road
    Information: Prize Indices Analysis, Insurance, Inspection, Finance.
    Agent: Mr Roger K. Olsson
    Int call: +46 (0) 705474830

    Listed Properties on Stock

    Ford E-250 4x4 Pick Up 2002
    Scania R 143 6x2 container exchanger system 1993
    Diesel Powered Heater
    Micro-wave owen
    Sharp videoconference projector with equipment
    Kenmore barbeque grill
    2x small sized battery charger 12v
    Brother fax/print/scanner

    Att: Not all pre-owned estate accord to warrant! All listed
    inventories are highly functional pre-owned estate dependent to each
    substantial buyer for encourage required condition.

    Make offer

    Mercedes Adriatik S665sp Motorhome 2005

    Mercedes 316 cdi, 163 hp Mercedes diesel, only 16000 km, 5-speed man,
    Adriatik 6850 L,
    four beds, queensbed, separate shower/wc, wood floors, wood interior,
    silvergrey 3-colour velour, beautiful quality cabinet, Cramer fridge/
    freezer, Smev grillowen, extra batteries, nonsmoker, garaged,
    warranty, exellent condition, like new! Gothenburg. Int call: +46 (0)

    Fiat Ducato 520 Tdi Husbil RV

    Fiat Ducato maxi turbodiesel tdi RV

    Excellent Condition, 60000 km, 1,9 tdi, Ducato 225, all options,
    ABS, servo, multimedia, stereo, centralheating, perfekt kitchen,
    separated water tank, comfortable holiday!
    Make offer!, At dealership in Sweden.

    Dodge Viper SRT-10 Information

    Miles Per Gallon: 10/20 mpg
    Curb Weight: 3380 lbs
    Layout: Front-Engine/RWD
    Transmission: 6-Speed Manual


    Type: V10
    Displacement: 8277 cc
    Horsepower: 500 bhp # 5600 rpm
    Torque: 525 lb-ft # 4600 rpm
    Redline: 6000 rpm


    0-60 mph: 3.8 sec
    0-100 mph: 8.9 sec
    Quarter Mile: 11.9 sec # 122 mph
    Skidpad: 1.15g
    Top Speed: 190+ mph
    Braking, 60-0 mph: under 100 ft
    Slalom Speed: 70 mph

    The Dodge Viper SRT 10 2004 sportscar include rarely the top terms in
    racing comfort with its over 500 hp (8,3L). The superiority thereby is
    to be meet in conditions as that connecting this one of the race
    motorsport, as well from which most modern technology reaches the
    highest points designed specifically with a wide spectra of
    requirements for quality. A specification describing a strained chassi
    with the beautiful sports coupe edition with all power options. An
    exceptionally nice inside and outside hard to find pre-owned awesome
    and outstanding Dodge Viper SRT 10 together with all service records.
    This is a super sharp powerful roadster, a greatest performance
    absolutely perfect 6 speed real sportscar lover's true dream. Don't
    miss to own the best, and this is priced to sell.

    Giuen Holding Ltd.
    Leading-group on Industry Finance
    Mr Roger K. Olsson
    Goteborgsvagen 1.
    SE: 434 00 Kungsbacka
    Tel: 070-5474830
    Int: +46 (0) 705474830
    email: cwmtrader (@)
    momail: 0705474830 (@)

    General info:

    Seller: Mr Roger K. Olsson
    Sweden: 070-5474830
    Tel: +46 (0) 705474830

    Janine RV’S – Luxury Cars & Trucks For Sale

    Astore Shop – Online Shopping

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    Mutual Assets, Aug 13, 2008
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