My best friend's 440 does not start/shuts down itself

Discussion in 'Volvo 440' started by Christian Windmeisser, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. I hope anyone can help or give an advice to fix this problem.
    The 440 of a friend of mine begins to shake after 3-5min idle.
    Then it shuts down. After that it's not possible to get it running for
    days. After this, it starts (sometimes).
    Almost forgot to mention: fuel: OK, spark: OK
    Thanks in advance.
    Christian Windmeisser, Mar 1, 2006
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  2. Got it solved, thank you anyway.
    Christian Windmeisser, Mar 3, 2006
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  3. How about some insight as to what happened?
    Jamie Babineaux, Mar 3, 2006
  4. Christian Windmeisser

    René Bauer Guest

    from the afflicted friend :
    When i bought my car, the red alarm system LED blinked, what means the
    car was forced by a burgler. Cause there where nothing else, i drive,
    drive, drive ... After some weeks, the blinkin LED was off, so what –
    one problem more dissolved by itself.
    2-3 weeks ago, the red LED cames back, blinkin more alerting then ever.
    Same days my horn tuuts just because – whenever it wants. So i unpluged
    the fuse of the horn and it was quiet.
    On a bad day, the battery of the 440 was totally down, think my little
    daughter turned on the interior lighting. After my best friend supports
    me with givin assist-starting, we turned on the Radio, switched on the
    blower and drove for buying some DIY stuff in a lokal DIY store. After
    ca 15min, the engine runed about 5min in idle, the machine spluttered
    and finaly stoped. We are lucky Guys, so we stand on a parking area when
    this happens. Now we tryed to turn on the motor several times, until the
    battery again was down. The whole time i thougt it must be the
    alarmsystem ... the LED, the horn, witch is also part of the alarm. We
    looked, like sheeps in a clock-work, under the hood and don´t found no
    bug. Later we´ve got my friends vehicle to mine and tryed with his auto
    battery again and again to start this f**k´n car. The very last time i
    tryed, the motor starts and as fast as able i brang it home. Days later
    i checked all fuses, all ignition cables, all relays, just looking for
    visible damages on a component, i dryed to read out the error-memory ,
    findin nothing. Halfhearted i smashed all back in the car and gave up.
    Next day i startet the motor and ...? I drive, drive, drive ....!
    Don´t know what realy happend, maybe the battery took too much current
    from generator (radio and fanomatic „ON“), so the electr. controller
    and/or the ignition got´s too less respective too inconstant power
    suply, maybe i jiggled the right contact, maybe the siliconespray on the
    idle-actuator was the solution of the prob.
    René Bauer, Mar 4, 2006

  5. Yeah! That's ma man! Doin' nothin' and savin' da day!
    Christian Windmeisser, Mar 9, 2006
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