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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by nico, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. nico

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    What's your idea of retirement planning? At Car and Driver, our
    scribblers spend their golden years counting their air miles and
    grousing about the web interns. If you're Shigeru Uehara, Honda R&D's
    Executive Chief Engineer, you spend your last year on the job building
    a track-ready special-edition version of the S2000.

    Lots of engineers build track toys, but not many get their cars
    approved for production. Uehara isn't just any engineer, though; he's
    credited as the father of the Honda S2000 and the Acura NSX and
    Integra Type R, the trio that convinced a generation of American
    tuners and enthusiasts that Honda is a legitimate performance car
    company. Uehara's legacy is solid, so he doesn't need to work on the
    NSX's successor-he said through an interpreter that he's leaving that
    to the next generation. Instead, his final gift to the enthusiast
    world is the S2000 CR.
    nico, Oct 17, 2007
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