Oil leak, near filter 90 740T

Discussion in 'Volvo 740' started by Dave A., Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Dave A.

    Dave A. Guest

    My 1990 740T with 280K miles is leaking a oil at the oil cooler fittings
    near the oil filter. My mechanic tried to tighten them but they would not
    budge and still leak. If I got new and replaced why would that solve the
    problem...maybe the leak is from another source? Anyone with similar

    I tried to find the parts to online to purchase but can't find a source.
    Mechanic says only dealer has these parts. I'll do the work but would like
    to "see" the parts online to make sure I have the correct "description" of
    the problem. If not I'll take a digital picture and make the long drive to
    the city to the nearest BMW dealer.

    Any advice, recommendations?
    Dave A., Nov 18, 2003
  2. Dave A. wrote:
    make the long drive to
    Since you posted this in a Volvo news group I advice against BMW
    dealers. If you do have a BMW, please disregard from the following!

    I assume you have a Volvo Turbo, and assuming the design is the same as
    my 240 Turbo. The thing between the block and the oil filter may leak in
    three places:
    - Between itself and the block. There is a large o-ring in there.
    - At either of the two banjo fittings for the oil cooler pipes.

    In either case I think the oil seeps downwards and appears to come from
    one of the banjo fittings.

    Mine leaked, so I got the complete kit (four aluminum "washers" for the
    banjos and in addition the rubber O-ring).

    Clean the outside in order to prevent dirt into oil. Loosen the banjos.
    Oil spill was less than I had expected. You then remove the oil filter,
    then there is a big nut which makes the "oil filter base" come off. Take
    it off, install new washers and O-ring, reinstall. On my 240 it's a
    terribly awkward place to work. I did it mostly from above with the
    turbo removed, I seem to remember. No leak since however! Since it is so
    awkward, I recommend replacing all the seals.


    240 Turbo Wagon '84 200 K Miles
    940 Wagon '92 150 K Miles
    on Swedish roads
    Gunnar Eikman, Nov 18, 2003
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