Okay guys I need your help!

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Mark, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest

    I have a 94 940 non-turbo. This thing has a Gremlin or something in
    this car! I start it up, and runs okay. After about 5 min, the rpm's
    start going up and down, up and down...with the engine light coming on
    and off at the same time! I had a mechanic replace both fuel pumps
    (not regina), and still the same thing.

    Is there any one out there that knows what this could be?

    With highiest regards,

    Mark, Sep 23, 2009
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  2. Mark

    James Sweet Guest

    Vacuum leak is the usual culprit of this sort of stuff.

    What engine light are you referring to? Check Engine? If that's on,
    there should be one or more fault codes stored. If it's blinking on and
    off, you might have a bad ECU, I tracked down a problem with a friend's
    240 to that recently, it's something I'd never seen on a Volvo before.
    James Sweet, Sep 23, 2009
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  3. air flow regulator under the inlet manifold needs cleaning most likely or a
    good place to start looking anyway .I do mine as a matter of prevention .
    Jon Robertson, Sep 30, 2009
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