S40 - OBD II/ELM327/Bluetooth Question

Discussion in 'Volvo S40' started by blurp, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. blurp

    blurp Guest

    Hi all,

    Working with my 2001 S40 1.9T and a Palm Centro.

    This may be a bit of a left-field question but does anyone know if a
    OBD reader based on the ELM327 chipset is compatible with a Volvo? I
    recently picked up a Bluetooth-enabled OBD reader to connect with my
    Palm Centro and have not been able to get it to work. The problem may
    also be one of software compatibility with the Centro being a bit
    different in its implementation of OS5 than other Palm devices.

    The Palm identifies the presence of a Bluetooth device (and identifies
    it as CAN OBDII) but when the software (I have tried Vitalscan,
    OBDGuage, and Autoenginuity's Scantool) is supposed to connect it
    doesn't receive any OBD signal. The latter cycles through J1850PWM and
    VPW, ISO9141-2, KWP2000, and CAN all without luck.

    I haven't tried changing the "Initialization Type" field from OBD-II
    to either Ford Powerstroke or BMW 01-05 M3/M5 but I figure it's going
    to be OBD or nothing. Perhaps it is Ford, I'll make a note to check
    that one out too.

    I don't have access to another car or another Palm device at this time
    so I'm trying to figure out if this thing is defective or if I am! I
    found that the Volvo should be ISO but that's all.


    Thanks in advance,
    blurp, Apr 26, 2010
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  2. this one just gets "weird" really fast. the palm would not be my first
    choice as the cpu. it sounds like you are getting sink, so it's a sw
    problem. most people use laptops, something i know better. many os
    require you to "mount" a new device. if there is no recognition of the
    bt device, & the hardware is speaking,the error is in the operating

    but that's not the problem. you are coming @ this problem all
    sideways. do you need the obd just for s***s & giggles? are you just
    totally ar? you have approached the problem w/ totally portable
    devices. is that because you feel you need to take your s40's pulse
    every 5min? why? Myst (my R) would be very worried.

    i will assume that you have a "problem", ~ check engine light,
    noticeable performance issues. Myst's ce light is disconnected. the ce
    light is really for emission control, not a problem ~ don't worry Myst
    smogs in the top 3%. the world has changed. the new technology is just
    plain better. if you have had a mechanic work on your 2001 don't
    worry. the ecu is just seeing different info & it's better. the ecu
    will catch other problems, however, don't disregard it w/o reason. why
    can i disregard Myst's ce light? because we have played w/ her ecu
    (it's re programmable, just like yours ~ pull it out, caress it, sleep
    w/ it, it's a case hardened 8086 & beautiful).

    this leads to my next point. i don't own an obd reader. kragen had
    cheap stand alone units for <$50, but why? i talk & barrow. not only
    do the units work very well, but i get to learn & teach. so my
    recommendation is find a good mechanic, use his unit, learn from what
    he has to say & buy him some tucker or a pint of stout.
    Richard W Langbauer, Apr 27, 2010
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  3. blurp

    blurp Guest

    Let me assure you that this solution was selected based on available
    technology rather than the ideal solution. I was hesitant to spend big
    $ on an OBD2 scanner and this solution seemed to present a good use of
    the technology I had, namely a Palm-based device with bluetooth. For
    many years the Palm (in various incarnations) has been a
    single-device-serves-all solution (phone, datebook, contact manager,
    list maker, mp3 player, portable video viewer, camera, etc.) and it
    seemed that they were advertising that I could add another useful
    facet to this tool.

    Since my original post I have come into posession of a Palm Lifedrive
    (like a Tungsten T5 with a 4Gb HDD) and a pretty nice Thinkpad, both
    with Bluetooth. The results, however, have been the same: the device
    syncs as a bluetooth device, but does not indicate that it is
    connected to an OBD port on a car. Again, several software products
    have been tried on the laptop with the same result. SO I SENT THE OBD

    Hopefully when they send me a new one I'll get better results.

    To answer your questions about WHY I'm doing OBD readings at all, I
    really want to be able to do as much diagnostic work as I can and deal
    with as many things as I can myself. If I have to take it to a
    mechanic I prefer to go armed with a little more knowledge. Making
    friends with a mechanic is a nice idea but unlikely. It wasn't
    indicating any stored codes or engine light but I like to be on top of
    these things if I can. I miss my 1995 850 wagon for that reason most
    of all (it had a user-acessible code reading interface under the

    I'll report again when the replacement arrives!

    blurp, May 12, 2010

  4. all bets are off! Hp just (04-28-10) bought Palm. i've liked Hp since
    i first put my hands on a VAX. they have good tech support & will
    probably ~support a device from a third party.

    your device probably wasn't defective, but the company you bought it
    from may have been. if they don't have tech support or tech support
    wasn't useful -- Houston we may have a problem. sw is just much more
    like ww than hw. a hammer (hw) is just broken or it's not. a person
    (ww) may be terminally broken but still worth the (hopeless) effort to
    fix. sw is somewhere in between. an example: new lingerie just arrived
    for Myst but it didn't fit right (translation i got new sw for my car
    & there were problems). i called the vendor. realized that i should be
    talking to the amm. got a wonderful Dutch girl (they're in NL) who
    explained the necessary rewrite to my kernel in 3 short sentences.
    Myst is enjoying her new(ish) 400+ bhp just fine.

    diagnostics are cool as is "do it yourself". in normal use, Volvos
    simply do not break that often, & i just don't think that every
    homeowner needs a lawnmower. i live in a little village inside a 6mil+
    greater metropolitan area. we take care of each other. i'm sorry that
    you can't befriend the merchants in your area.

    ps(allot of this is just bs. i know how lucky i am. i'm a gc & where i
    live just has a # of informal barter exchanges. my aunt needed some
    windows replaced. my glazer just did it. he had already gotten some
    cabinets i pulled from a job. my mechanic loans me his lift, tools &
    assistance on 1 man+ jobs. i provide knowledge, instruction & all
    access passes to the track when i'm racing. John Cunnigham Lily, who
    thought dolphins & whales were smarter than we, was once asked what he
    thought we could do that they would appreciate. he responded "have an
    orchestra play Beethoven's 9th." his point was that our strength is
    that we can work together. never be afraid to ask ?s.)
    Richard W Langbauer, May 13, 2010
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