s80 rough running 40-60

Discussion in 'Volvo S80' started by theCLAW, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. theCLAW

    theCLAW Guest

    i am ready to sell my s80. the dealer cannot find the problem. when you
    drive between 40-60 is seems like the car is missing. we have spent 1k and
    had all the tests. nothing. does anyone know how to get in touch with volvo
    theCLAW, Jun 29, 2003
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  2. theCLAW

    Brick_0 Guest

    Is the car still under warranty? If so, take it to another dealer. If it's
    not under warranty find a good Volvo specialist. When someone else (dealer)
    drives the car do they feel the missing?

    I can't say all dealers are bad but I had my dealer bleed my brakes, and
    I went back to them because the pedal was spongy after the bleed, they said
    it felt solid to them; it obviously wasn't. It was very strange. I never
    went back to that dealer.

    National Customer Service:
    Volvo Cars of North America, LLC

    Attn: Customer Service Dept.
    Seven Volvo Drive
    Rockleigh, New Jersey 07647

    Tel: 1-800-458-1552

    a.. Email:

    Brick_0, Jun 29, 2003
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