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Discussion in 'Volvo S80' started by hank, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. hank

    hank Guest

    I bought my FIRST Volvo (1999 S80) about 4 months ago and have enjoyed
    the newsgroup since that time. The newsgroup led me to Vadis, which I
    also enjoy, and used to replace a burnt bulb in the Climate Control
    Unit - but I turned the key on during the procedure and caused a Fault
    Code:26 "SRS-Airbag Service Urgent".

    I checked with the dealer and they want $43 to reset it. (No way.)

    I checked message boards, and found a trick with the ignition position
    and the Trip meter, but it doesn't work either (I spent over an hour
    trying combinations!)

    I haven't disconnected the battery, but according to the message
    boards, that won't help either.

    Here is my request: I need to find a scan tool or computer cable that
    will read and reset this code (not just a "service engine light). I
    have a laptop and a desktop, but no PDA. It would be neat if the cable
    would interface with VADIS, but i don't want to pay $3600. I plan to
    spend LESS than $200. Bells and whistles would be cool, but i really
    just need to make sure that it will clear my codes.

    I have found hundreds of websites making claims about their
    tools/cables and software, but I would rather rely on you all for the
    best tool to look at. Please note that the Volvo software is not the
    same for all years -this must work for a 1999 S80.


    Off-board consulatation would be appreciated at (Agent)(Peay) at
    (All one word, remove parenthesis for security, and replace "at" for @)
    hank, Jan 12, 2005
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  2. Believe it or not the $39 C Reader from Harbor Freight will read out the
    codes and do a reset. I've used it on both our '99 S80 and 2000 LeSabre.
    It's not fancy, it just gives a 4 digit code you look up in the manual,
    but it works.

    Michael J Panchula, Jan 14, 2005
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