Timing Belt Replacement

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by DavidV, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. DavidV

    DavidV Guest

    Some advice would be much appreciated. I'm just about to replace the
    timing belt on my V70 Estate. B5244S2 engine. Is it possible to
    replace the belt without removing the crankshaft pulley - there seems
    to be conflicting advice about this. Also, can anyone confirm that the
    variable valve-timing system on the inlet camshaft sprocket makes no
    difference to the timing belt replacement procedure ? Many thanks in
    advance for any help.
    DavidV, Jul 14, 2003
  2. DavidV

    Mike F Guest

    It's possible to change the belt out without removing the pulley.
    Believe it or not, it's easiest to cut the old belt to get it out, and
    then slide the new one in. Keep in mind that engines with the variable
    cam system all have mechanical belt tensioners, not the automatic ones.
    Mike F, Jul 15, 2003
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