Turbo line oil leak on 99 S70 GLT

Discussion in 'Volvo S70' started by sorintri, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. sorintri

    sorintri Guest

    OK folks, I've read here and other sites about the traditional turbo
    line oil leak these S70's develop and I'm pretty sure my wife's car
    has the same issue.

    Now my question: is it worth fixing? Is that a DIY job Personal
    mechanical aptitude roughly to the point where I can replace spark
    plus and brake pads, so can I do it on myself?

    If not, how much work is it entitled, how much should I expect an auto
    shop to charge me for it?

    Thanks in advance.
    sorintri, Nov 29, 2007
  2. sorintri

    Glenn Klein Guest

    Parts approximately $15.00
    Labor 1 Hour @ the posted labor rate if 2 wheel drive
    Labor 2 Hours @ the posted labor rate
    Example our labor rate is $105.00 per hour
    Parts $15.00
    Labor $105.00
    Total $125.00
    Tax $10.48
    Final $135.48
    This job is much easier with the car in the air but if you have a good
    set of ramps or jack stands then you should be able to perform with out
    much trouble. But if the car is all wheel drive then this is best left
    for your local Volvo dealer or independent Volvo specialist
    Glenn Klein
    Volvo Certified Technician
    ASE Certified Technician
    Glenn Klein, Nov 30, 2007
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