V70 Emission light on, Require help, or Fault code reader!

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by joe landy, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. joe landy

    joe landy Guest

    Hi all.
    My 2000 V70 2.5D (new shape car, older 'Audi' engine) has had a nasty
    light show up on the dashboard. The manual says that it means there is
    a fault with the Emission control system, and should be driven to a
    dealer for diagnosis.
    In my mind, the symbol shown may as well be a £ (or $) sign, as I'm
    sure it's going to cost me!
    Anyway, this car doesn't have a lambda sensor in the CAT, so that's
    the first idea ruled out. My dealer says it may be the air pump,
    (which operates the turbo wastegate or EGR or something by the looks
    of it) but can't tell me for sure without charging for a diagnosis!
    There is a lot more emission control equipment on this car when
    compared with my previous one (old shape V70, with same engine in).
    Perhaps someone can tell me a little more about how the system works,
    or even tell me what is likely to be wrong.
    The car drives fine, doesn't smoke, and doesn't use any more fuel in
    this condition.
    I have tried Draper, Sealey, and Gunsons for diagnostic tools, but
    they do every car except mine. My car does have the OBDII socket under
    the dash, near the bonnet catch. Can someone point me to a suitable
    code reader please? !!
    Many thanks.
    P.S I have already repaired the door-handle linkage on my rear doors.
    Apparently this is something which has been re-designed on the 2005
    revamped model. Why couldn't they just keep the designs used on the
    older V70. they were bullet proof. The build quality is appalling on
    this car when compared to my old one.
    Contact me at: joelandyman <at> postmaster.co.uk or phone/text 07887
    694427 from the UK. I am based in Peterborough, and would consider
    travelling to someone who has a code reader.
    joe landy, Mar 21, 2005
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  2. joe landy

    Andy Mann Guest

    Can you clear the light by operating the button on the indicator lever.

    If it can be cleared then its not a serious problem, if it will not clear
    then its a serious problem.

    If you are able to clear the fault it will reappear and need to be cleared
    every time to switch the ignition on
    Andy Mann, Mar 22, 2005
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