V70 headlamp reflectors peeling.

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by Joe landy, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. Joe landy

    Joe landy Guest

    Hello all,
    I have a 1997 V70 which has covered more than it's fair share of miles, but
    is now suffering from Peeling headlamp reflectors which cause an unguided
    shower of light onto oncoming traffic.
    I have checked that there are no leaks in the headlamp lense seals, and
    there is no other sign of water in the headlamps.
    My problem lies with purchasing some new reflectors. They are apparently not
    available as a spare part.
    Those experienced with the V70 will know that the reflectors are suspended
    on rubber bushes, and can be tilted by a tiny motor inside the headlamp unit
    for the purposes of self-levelling. Therefore, the reflector is only a small
    part of the headlamp, and not enough to spend £300 on a new headlamp unit
    The main dealer will not supply me any spare reflectors as a separate part,
    and a long-winded journey through the Hella chain (Hella is printed on the
    lenses) revealed only that the headlamps are made under licence by Volvo,
    and not by Hella themselves.
    I know for a fact that somewhere in the Volvo factory there is a big box of
    these reflectors, and I simply need someone to pick a pair out for me, and
    post them to me with the relevant bill. Is this too much to ask?
    I am reluctant to buy any second-hand reflectors for fear of the peeling
    being a common problem.
    Any advice, or details of other people's experienced greatly appreciated.
    MOT Approaching within 4 months!
    Also, I would be interested in any details of after-market headlamp kits
    which are available, if any?
    Thank you.
    Joe Landy
    Joe landy, Aug 24, 2003
  2. Joe landy

    Joe landy Guest

    Hi there, thanks for the quick response.
    The reflectors on my headlights are made of some type of Glass fibre
    material, so I'm not sure if they'd survive chroming? I don't know much
    about chroming processes, but last time I had some done, it was a
    hot-dipping process after much polishing and preparing. perhaps you can
    advise me further?
    I have already been through the 'reflective foil tape' route, but the
    reflection properties were poor, and pulling it off just removed more of the
    original surface!
    I'm told by my main dealer that some of the older cars, e.g 740/760 has the
    same problem, but they started selling the reflectors as a replacement part.
    Perhaps they'll do this for the V70 eventually?
    Many thanks.
    Also, Thanks to Mr Sweet who replied also. In the UK, Once you have removed
    the glass from the headlamp, the reflector can be pulled out quite easily. I
    assume you're in the US, and they're different there?
    Joe Landy.
    Joe landy, Aug 24, 2003
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