V70 R AWD or V70 T-5, recomendations

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by Kelsey Cummings, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. It's high time to move up from my trusty '88 745ti to something a little
    less falling apart and I'm hoping a can swing a '98 or '99 vintage V70
    to park next to the '71 1800E. Any thing I should be looking out for
    with these cars? Does the V70R AWD pose maintenance issues? Any
    recomendations which model I should focus my search on or something I
    should stay away from?

    Kelsey Cummings, Aug 8, 2005
  2. Kelsey Cummings

    Chris Bowne Guest

    If you go with a 98 vs 99 you will avoid having to deal with the dreaded
    drive by wire ETM (electronic throttle module) throttle body. They have a
    very high failure rate, the replacements are not any better, and are very
    expensive items. 98 was the last year for the traditional cable operated
    throttle body. 99 through 2001 cars have the ETM problem.

    Watch out for AWD cars with different tire types or ones that have had tires
    changed in pairs vs. a full set of four. The bevel gear in the AWD setup is
    apparently very sensitive to tire diameter mismatches fornt to rear and can
    be quickly destroyed if this condition exists, repotededly in less than 1000
    miles. Another big ticket repair item.

    At 6 to 7 years old, and greater than about 60K miles, the timing belt
    should have been recently changed, or if you are buying from a dealer,
    should be a condition of sale. The 5 cylinder enginers are an interference
    type, and will end up with trashed valves if you lose a belt.

    If you are in the vicinity of SE CT, I highly recommend you check out
    Eurocars Plus in Groton. They deal only in used Volvo sales and Volvo
    service, offer a 1 year/12K power train and 3 month/5K overall warranty.
    Very experienced Volvo techs in the service bay, and they thoroghly go over
    their cars before putting them on sale. They have a very good reputation
    around here.

    I recently bought a 105K 98 V70XC from them at a very fair retail price.
    Virtually all the routine wear/age related items were replaced with new as
    sold - new rotors and pads all round, new Conti Contacts, new battery,
    timing belt, plugs, wires, rotor, cap, upper engine vibration mount, all
    filters (oil, air, fuel, cabin air), wiper blades, and even floor mats. Oil
    change and coolant flush. Pre sale detailing was also top notch, with the
    car looking like new.

    Shameless plug qualification: I am not otherwise connected with Eurocars
    except as a satisfied customer that has been dealing with them for over 7

    Chris Bowne
    Stonington, CT
    Chris Bowne, Aug 8, 2005
  3. Kelsey Cummings

    Kytis Guest

    Our 2001 V70 2,4T just had an ETM failure after 45,000 kms or 4 years.
    And yes, it was bloody expensive to replace. I'm still in the middle of
    information gathering, but I'm starting to lean to a conclusion, where
    2001 models were still pretty much suffering from this problem. I'm not
    so sure about the newer models. If someone has more info on this, would
    very much appreciate it!
    Kytis, Aug 8, 2005
  4. Kytis...use this info to contact "the group"...

    From: VEXED (Volvo Enthusiasts eXposing Egregious Design)

    Good afternoon Virginia, Richard, and Ray,

    Things are progressing faster than I can keep up with. One tentative
    appointment is with Channel 4, The Investigators. They are interested
    in the story since Colorado people are involved. It appears that it
    will take "The Court of Public Opinion" to get something done. When
    we are ready to go public would you be available to go to Denver with
    me? With more than just an angry old man, we might get a better
    audience. It will probably be a week or so away. For Richard it might
    even be after April 15th.

    I also have a contact at Marylyn Musgrave's office in Loveland but
    that will just be for me to drop some literature off. I want a letter
    from her to NHTSA that says, "Take a look at this and act on it."

    Don't let your BRICK crumble

    Don Willson

    Researching Volvo ETM failures
    ~^ beancounter ~^, Aug 8, 2005
  5. Hi,

    I drive a C70 T5 year 2000 and I have also this problems with the ETM. I
    heard that the ETM will just be changed for free in US and Sweden, but I am
    from Austria. So what should I do now? Is there any global exchange planned?

    Gerfried Cisar, Aug 13, 2005
  6. i havn't heard of much int'l or domestic
    "plans" to assis current owners...i think
    the whole process is just gettin' "ramped up"...
    it will be a while b4 the govt makes volvo inc
    do anything...they would be wise to "get in front"
    of this issue.....goodwill & trust is hard to earn,
    easy for a big company to loose.....
    ~^ beancounter ~^, Aug 13, 2005
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