V70 stuck in park and won't turn on

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by Pete & Shel, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Pete & Shel

    Pete & Shel Guest


    I have had my V70 2002 for only one week. bought from very reputable
    dealer with flawless service history. Drove it fine this morning then
    parked in the driveway. Went to put the car away in the garage and it
    will not start. All the dash lights go on (no battery problem) but will
    not turn past the 1 position to ignition. Also the auto shift will not
    budge out of park either. Have tried everything i can think of and my
    husband too including trying the other keys, turning on and off,
    locking and unlocking the car, depressing brake pedal etc but no luck.

    the brake lights are working.

    When you try to turn it on there is a slight clock/click noise coming
    from the gearbox which you can also feel when you have your hand on the
    shift lever

    if you press brake pedal down in position 1 you can replicate the
    noise. if you press the brake pedal down and then try to turn on there
    is no noise at all, but still can't shift out of park or turn on.

    really stuck - no way to move car from the driveway, it's 30th December
    so no mechanics open, and our nearest Volvo dealer is an hour's drive
    away over a mountain. Does anyone have any idea what could cause it???
    Please help

    Pete & Shel, Dec 30, 2006
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  2. I have had my V70 2002 for only one week. bought from very reputable
    Dont you think you just have activated the steering wheel lock. If its
    binding, pull steering wheel left / right while turning key.

    Greetings Niels
    Niels Bengaard, Dec 30, 2006
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  3. Pete & Shel

    Inno Guest

    We had this problem too with our 98 V70. It was a fault in the key
    lock system and was fixed for not too much money. Niels advice worked
    for a while but it eventually got worse and worse. Maybe the previous
    owner had done this for a while now it is really in need of fixing.
    Inno, Dec 30, 2006
  4. Pete & Shel

    Pete & Shel Guest

    HI and thanks for the reply. Fingers crossed it will not be too
    difficult to fix. there is no problem with the steering lock though.
    happy new year everyone! :)
    Pete & Shel, Dec 31, 2006
  5. Our s80 had a similar problem, but it turned out to be the key
    cylinder. I didn't think the mechanic was right (CarMax) because
    they'd just worked on the steering column. They ended up CUTTING the
    cylinder off and putting a new one on. It did solve the problem, but
    I'm still not convinced they didn't do something else (we had a CarMax
    warranty that wasn't worth *hit and they never could fix anything
    (always got sent to Volvo dealer instead) ... CarMax lied about certain
    repairs (technician told different story than Service Mgr).

    Somebody suggested we try locking and unlocking the vehicle with
    different keys because of a theft protection mechanism.

    Good luck.

    Bill in Charlotte
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    Bill from www.rlstate.com, Jan 1, 2007
  6. Pete & Shel

    Pete & Shel Guest

    Hi Bill
    thanks for the reply. We are coming to the conclusion that it is
    definitely something to do with the ignition lock. we found a post
    from someone with an S60 in July who described our problem almost to
    the word and the ignition lock mechanism had to be replaced (ironically
    they also got stuck on a holiday close down period too!). We've tried
    all three keys but to no avail. hopefully will not be too hard to fix
    once it goes to Volvo tomorrow. I will post back the solution once it's
    Thanks, S.
    Pete & Shel, Jan 1, 2007
  7. Pete & Shel

    Reed Guest

    If it is the lock cylinder mechanism that needs replaced, be prepared
    for a wait (or hope you qualify for a loaner car). The dealer will have
    to order the mechanism from Volvo. They are cut to order per your car's
    key code at a vendor located in Germany (not kidding).
    Reed, Jan 2, 2007
  8. Yes, that was our experience, too. The wait was at least a week.

    Bill from www.rlstate.com, Jan 2, 2007
  9. Pete & Shel

    Pete & Shel Guest

    Well it seems that in the Antipodes we can, unfortunately, beat that.
    The word today from the Volvo technician is that our problem is indeed
    that the ingition barrel/tumblers (whatever!) has failed. The
    replacement, calibrated to our keys, will be 3-4 weeks ex the factory
    in Sweden. Needless to say, a depressing beginning to our Volvo
    ownership experience. Our forthcoming holiday has now been cancelled
    and will be unable to be refunded. Despite this we are desperately
    trying to be Pollyanna-ish about the whole thing and think
    optimistically that this will be the only major problem we have with
    the V70. But incredibly frustrating after only 45,000 kilometres to
    have such an incredibly incapacitating failure of a part which then
    takes so long to repair.
    Pete & Shel, Jan 5, 2007
  10. Pete & Shel

    M-gineering Guest

    couldn't you use a lock from a wrecked car and put up with two different
    keys for a few weeks?

    M-gineering, Jan 5, 2007
  11. Pete & Shel

    Pete & Shel Guest

    Afraid that isn't an option. :-(
    Pete & Shel, Jan 5, 2007

  12. What were the vacation plans? Can you sell or trade out of them (i.e.

    Bill from www.rlstate.com, Jan 5, 2007
  13. Well it seems that in the Antipodes we can, unfortunately, beat that.
    The faster option is accepting new keys, why bother with the old ones?
    New keyset is often in stock at the dealer og delivered from day to day.

    Niels Bengaard, Jan 5, 2007
  14. Why don't they give you one from a junker to use for 4 weeks.
    Stephen Henning, Jan 6, 2007
  15. Pete & Shel

    Pete & Shel Guest

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys but unfortunately holiday is
    non-refundable and non-transferrable, just one of those things. the
    insurance people will not go for new keys/lock as opposed to new lock
    coded to our existing keys, and the service people are not obliged to
    provide us with a loan car - we didn't buy through them, and they
    usually just do day to day stuff. Actually we do have an aging Land
    Rover - so we aren't completely carless, just not in a position to
    drive it 1000 km in the middle of summer over a few mountains.
    frustrating but not much we can do. guess it's skiing in July

    Thanks everyone who has offered suggestions and help. :)
    Pete & Shel, Jan 8, 2007
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