V70 TDI, 240,000 miles and still 'avin it!!

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by joe landy, May 28, 2004.

  1. joe landy

    joe landy Guest

    Hi all.
    Well, my 1997 V70 TDI finally clocked past the dreaded 240,000 UK
    miles during the week.
    Time to change all cambelts again, plus the waterpump whilst we're at
    I bought the car with 120,000 miles on the clock 5 years ago, and it's
    been almost faultless throughout this time. I've just put on tyres,
    brakes, changed oil, changed cambelts, and recently changed the front
    shock absorbers.
    Changed Headlamp wiper motor, injectors, and a couple of dash bulbs,
    but not much else.
    Apart from the headlamp reflector material peeling, I've had no major
    quality issues to speak of. She still looks mint on the outside, and I
    recently fitted some leather seats in the front, after my heated seat
    broke (OK, quality issue!). I sourced the leathers from a breakers
    yard, and the driver's seat has electric movements/memories. Lovely.
    Anyway, happy motoring to all, and I wish you all good luck, at least
    up to my mileage!!
    Also, may I take the opportunity to say to all those who gasped at the
    mileage when I bought the car: Kiss mine !!
    So long as this car keeps going, the D5 will have to wait!
    Cheers all.
    Joe Landy.
    Satisfied Volvo customer
    joe landy, May 28, 2004
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  2. joe landy

    Rusty Guest

    Man, I wish we had the TDI's here in Canada.

    Rusty, May 29, 2004
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  3. joe landy

    Guest Guest

    Just picked up an 98 S70 2.5 SE, all the bells n whistles, with...60k on the
    clock. Guess the old girl has afew more miles in her yet if yours is
    anything to go by then!!!

    Just done all belts, tensioners, waterpump, fluids, HT equipment etc etc
    which didnt leave alot from £500 but least know she is tip top mechanically
    now, although came with a FVSH there were several areas one could see the
    dealers had not bothered to do.

    Guest, May 29, 2004
  4. joe landy

    Joe landy Guest

    Great stuff Tim.
    I was thinking of changing my car this year, but whilst mine's not worth
    anything now, I might as well run it till it dies. Perhaps it'll last me
    till retirement (I'm only 24!) !!
    Mine has all the bells & whistles apart from sunroof. Aircon works great,
    Cruise control is a dream, and I really should fit a roof-spoiler.
    If my engine was to die dramatically, I'd break the car up for parts & sell
    them on ebay! That way I'd still get about £2000 for it in the end!!
    Happy motoring.
    Joe Landy
    joelandyman <at> postmaster.co.uk
    Joe landy, May 29, 2004
  5. joe landy

    Guest Guest

    My aircon needs a recharge- its just borderline at the moment- the low
    pressure switch cuts it out in above25 deg C temps. Must get that done.

    What do you use the car for??

    Guest, May 29, 2004
  6. joe landy

    Joe landy Guest

    Hi again.
    The car gets used for the daily work run, about 15 miles each way, plus
    taking my Girlfriend to work, about 7.5 miles, then transporting my Radio
    Controlled helicopter fleet around (reason for Estate car), plus
    pleasure-driving most of the time!!
    My girlfriend and I enjoy lots of trips out in the countryside, visiting
    wildlife parks e.t.c, and I like to visit airfields of course!! Then there's
    my holidays to Cornwall for the last 3 years running, and my sister lives in
    Bath, so I visit her sometimes.
    We don't seem to go on too many long journeys, but we somehow do 27,000
    miles per year.
    The car has probably lasted so long because it's never allowed to go cold!
    Always being used, with 7 or 8 hour rests overnight e.t.c.
    I have a friend who does air conditioning by trade, so I can have re-charges
    done at a good price. Mine's never required a re-charge, as I use it
    all-year-round (de-misting in the winter), and therefore it stays in GWO. My
    parents have a Citroen Xantia each, and they seem to require a re-charge
    every year!
    My friend tells me that Refrigerant only leaks out when the system hasn't
    been used for a long time, because all the rubber seals go hard & shrink.
    The oil which is suspended in the refrigerant keeps the seals supple, so if
    you keep it pumping round, you'll be fine. Always worth running it for 1/2
    hour per week in the winter.
    Joe landy, May 29, 2004
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