Volvo V40 - Rear Parking Lights Not Working

Discussion in 'Volvo V40' started by alanrinstead, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. alanrinstead

    alanrinstead Guest

    Grateful for any help with the following as this is really puzzling me
    and has just failed its MOT because of the rear lights.

    With the ignition off and the parking lights switched on (middle
    position on light switch) only the front lights work, the rear lights
    don't. The rear lights themselves are OK as switching the ignition on
    causes the rear lights to light correctly.

    Have checked all fuses, swapped the light switch unit but still not
    working. Managed to identify the blue/yellow wire from the light switch
    unit which using a multimeter is working correctly however I cannot
    trace where this wire goes to on the fusebox. The Haynes manual says
    the wire goes to C2 which should then connect to G10 which is a grey
    wire to the rear lights. Does anyone know if the connectors are marked
    as G or C ?

    Grateful for any responses.

    alanrinstead, Nov 1, 2006
  2. alanrinstead


    Aug 28, 2014
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    Hey did you ever find the answer to this? Just had the same issue!
    loopfish, Aug 28, 2014
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