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Discussion in 'Volvo XC60' started by Stephen Henning, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. If you google 'Volvo XC60' you will get lots of hits. It apparently is
    being introduced in Europe this Fall and in the USA next year.

    Strangely, it is based on a Land Rover. It is a cross over as would be
    expected with the XC60 moniker. However it is like a 'V60' rather than
    a S60, being that it is a wagon, but not as boxy wagon as the V70 or V50.

    It will come standard with a 6-speed Geartronic.

    The US XC60 website is at:

    At this website there is a 'brochure' that has many details. Here are
    some of them:

    City Safety is standard on the Volvo XC60. At speeds up to 20 mph,
    this laser-based technology can automatically brake your car to help
    you avoid running into a slower or stationary vehicle in front of you or
    mitigate the effects of collision.

    Collision Warning with Auto Brake* for highway driving is Volvo¹s
    radar and camera based technology that can warn you if you¹re too
    close to a vehicle ahead and if a collision can¹t be avoided, can
    activate the brakes to help reduce the effects of a crash.

    Driver Alert Control (DAC)* is a unique technology designed for
    highway driving and can remind you if you¹re losing concentration.

    Lane Departure Warning (LDW)* monitors your car¹s position on
    the road and helps alert you if you unintentionally are crossing a lane
    marker at speeds over 40 mph.

    * Included in the optional Collision Avoidance Package

    All-wheel drive with Instant Traction continuously distributes
    power to the wheels with the best traction for reassuring stability in
    a wide range of conditions.

    Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) helps you maintain
    traction in a wide range of situations and prevent the car from skidding.
    Trailer Stability Assist (TSA) helps counteract snaking tendencies
    from a trailer when towing.

    Roll Stability Control (RSC) senses an impending roll-over and
    brakes one or more of the wheels to help counter roll tendency and
    help restore the vehicle¹s balance.

    Slim windshield pillars are smartly designed and made of ultra
    high-strength steel to both help provide crash protection and help
    improve your front lateral vision.

    Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) helps to detect vehicles
    entering the blind spot on both sides of your car (optional).
    Active Bi-Xenon® Lights (ABL) expand your vision range by
    about 230% when you¹re driving in the dark and improved illumination
    around curves (optional).

    Emergency Brake Light (EBL) senses a panic brake maneuver
    and starts flashing the brake lights to warn the road users behind.

    Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA) ensures optimal braking power
    to help you stop the car in the shortest possible distance.

    Ready Alert Brakes (RAB) anticipate an emergency braking to
    further help reduce the braking distance.
    Stephen Henning, Jun 10, 2008
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