Water pump must change with timing belt?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by ehien, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. ehien

    ehien Guest


    I plan to have the timing belt of my 92kmi 1998 S70 changed in a few
    days. Is it necessary or a must to change water pump as well?


    ehien, Jan 10, 2004
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  2. ehien

    James Sweet Guest

    It's a very good idea to do so.
    James Sweet, Jan 10, 2004
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  3. ehien

    G Klein Guest

    It is not a bad idea the labor should not be much more than what was quoted
    to you for the Timing belt replacement usually unless the water pump is
    leaking I do not change it & I do this everyday
    G Klein, Jan 10, 2004
  4. ehien

    James Sweet Guest

    Doesn't the timing belt drive the water pumps on these? Water pump fails,
    timing belt fails, engine is toast, new water pump is cheap insurance.
    James Sweet, Jan 11, 2004
  5. ehien

    G Klein Guest

    Yes but it is frowned upon as selling work that is not needed if it was my
    vehicle I would change it but no a days the customer is not always willing
    to part with the extra money required to change the water pump @ this time
    Volvo Cars of North America does not require the water pump to be changed
    G Klein, Jan 11, 2004
  6. ehien

    James Sweet Guest

    If I were changing the timing belt I would make the customer sign a waver
    that I am not responsible for engine damage due to a water pump failure if
    they opt to not have it changed.
    James Sweet, Jan 11, 2004
  7. ehien

    ehien Guest

    Thanks for the opinions guys. I'll check with my garage next Monday.
    Since I'd rather have a peace of mind, unless the extra cost of water
    pumping changing is substantial (>$100), I think I'll elect to do it.
    The next time I do timing belt change the car will be 180kmi or close
    to 200kmi, I *guess* the odd for an original water pump to fail before
    it is high (correct me if I'm wrong). Doing it now is probably a safe
    and possible money saving measure for the long run. Well hope I'm

    Best regards,

    ehien, Jan 11, 2004
  8. 92K miles is way over the recommended interval. Get it changed.
    Joseph Oberlander, Jan 11, 2004
  9. I don't know how good quality the water pump on the S70 is, but if it fails
    before 100K i would think that is strange. The water pump on my 91 940 is
    the original and it has 166K on, no leaks or sounds. I'll guess i'll ghange
    it on my next timing belt change at 200K. Perhaps the water pump on newer
    volvos is not so long lived.
    Joachim Østberg, Jan 11, 2004
  10. ehien

    James Sweet Guest

    A 940 drives the water pump with the accessory belts, much better design
    IMO, I wouldn't change it until it leaks or gets noisy.
    James Sweet, Jan 11, 2004
  11. ehien

    ehien Guest

    Well I have both timing belt and water pump replaced yesterday. They
    cost me about $390 with factory parts. Not bad I guess...
    ehien, Jan 14, 2004
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