what is OBDII code #1332 in V70?

Discussion in 'Volvo V70' started by Peter Ziobrzynski, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. My check engine light just came on on my 1999 V70 T5. I plugged my
    Generic OBDII Creader and got consistent readout of code 1332.
    Checked my lists for this code and I don't see it. The volvo codes have
    a gap between 1330-1349.
    Does anybody know that that is?

    -Peter mailto:p
    Peter Ziobrzynski, Mar 22, 2006
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  2. Peter Ziobrzynski

    Big Dick Guest

    P1332 is a CVVT solenoid code.
    Remove the spark plug cover.
    The CVVT solenoid is located on the exhaust cam
    t-belt end of the engine.
    CVVT- Constant Variable Valve Timing.
    Oil pressure and the electric solenoid can change the
    exhaust valve timing as needed.
    There is a cam position sensor on the rear of the cam
    that the ECM monitors the location of the cam timing.
    When the ECM receives a signal of the cam location
    is different from the signal sent to the CVVT solenoid
    a check engine light is set.
    The CVVT solenoid oil passages might be blocked up
    with oil crud and the oil pressure might not be going into the
    CVVT assembly. The CVVT assembly is on the end of the
    cam where the t-belt is located could be defective.
    You can remove the CVVT solenoid, check and clean
    out any oil crud. Volvo now has a new style gasket for the
    CVVT solenoid that has a built in screen to keep crud from
    entering the solenoid and CVVT assembly.
    Not changing the oil enough can have drastic effects of the
    cam lubrication for the head top end.
    I have seen Cams lock up on the 5 cyl turbo's due to
    blocked up oil passages caused by lack of oil changes.
    This of course ruins the head.

    Big Dick, Mar 26, 2006
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