What is the timing mark for 940 turbo?

Discussion in 'Volvo 940' started by aimeeaab, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. aimeeaab

    aimeeaab Guest

    Hey all, new to the group. Neighbor wants to adjust timing on cam and
    belt on my 940 turbo 1993. he's asked me to look up the actual mark
    settings on the net and can't find them. anyone have an answer for me?
    He knows HOW but doesn't know what to set at. Do I need to buy a timing
    light or can i weasel my way into not buying one, and getting the
    engine to strengthen?
    aimeeaab, Dec 1, 2006
  2. aimeeaab

    Tony Guest

    Err there are no adjustments, if you want to know there the reference
    marks are and how to put the belt on correctly you need to BTFM. IT
    only goes on one way, if its not lined up correctly it is wrong and the
    engine will run baldly or self distruct.

    There are also no other adjustments on the engine (that need to be done
    as part of service). Sounds more like you want to check ignition timing
    (nothing to do with the cam), again this is not necessary on the engine
    and is not adjustable.

    If you are applying aftermarket adjustment methods / parts you
    definately should have a manual to start with.

    Changing the timing belt is a detailed procedure but doable with basic
    tools, again you need the manual otherwise if you start the engine up to
    use this imaginary timing light the engine will self distruct.

    There are marks on the plastic housing for the cam and intermediate
    shaft and big washer like thing on the crank gear. You line up the slot
    on the washer with a metal rib on the block (aluminium housing).

    Disassemble at TDC, slot on crank pulley should be at 0 mark on plastic
    Tony, Dec 2, 2006
  3. aimeeaab

    James Sweet Guest

    There's a notch in the the crank sprocket and a dot on the cam and aux
    shaft sprockets. The crank has a mark above it you line that up to, the
    aux shaft has a mark to the right, and the cam sprocket has a mark at
    the top. You have to get these just right, one tooth off and it won't
    run well at all. There are no adjustments, you just have to get the belt
    on with everything lined up and then it stays that way.
    James Sweet, Dec 2, 2006
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