Where is the elusive "Motronic" apparatus located in 1996 Volvo 960? (Bad/old wiring)

Discussion in 'Volvo 960' started by KellySueVolvo960, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Jul 17, 2017
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    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I have loved my Volvo since I started driving it 3 years ago. My husband has done so much for my Volvo the past two years, I am going to try and explain it, from his perspective, as best as I can, lol... I'm sure I'm not using all the technical terms properly, so please bear with me :)

    Due to some misfiring, last year I replaced 4 of 6 coil packs. (front to back: 1,2,3,5) Ran great until recently... I replaced the remaining 2 coil packs( 4,6), along with all new platinum plus spark plugs. There was a small amount of oil in two of the "chambers" which was vacuumed out.

    The "plug in" terminals from the wiring harness to the coil packs are 22 year old wires, lots of electric tape, lots of brittle wire coverings. So the terminals were cleaned out (clogged with some old orange grease). Much of the older tape near the connections were heat sealed with flex tubing. Upon re-connecting all the wires/plug-ins that lead to the coil packs, the #5 most likely has a short somewhere in the wiring... we found that this was the only terminal that used the "brown and yellow" wires. After proper testing, number 5 would not fire!

    Misfiring on #5 Coil pack... I have been trying to follow the "brown and yellow" wiring. Which leads to the Bosch Motronic for the 1996 Volvo 960. I have looked through countless schematics and wiring diagrams and have even searched the location... the only thing that I can find is pictures of the "Motronic" device, but, not inside the engine to show a location?

    Has anyone had this problem or know where it could be found? We did also find some horrible wiring dealing with the crank/camshaft, but, I believe it also connects to the Bosch Motronic...?

    Thank you very much for your help guys!

    KellySue, Owner of "Tikapa"
    1996 Volvo 960
    KellySueVolvo960, Jul 17, 2017
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